Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Random acts of kindness

One week and a half ago I had an accident on our driveway, the outcome could have been far worse. I was chasing a runaway 2 year old and tore my calf muscle. Under doctors orders I am not allowed to drive or walk with the stroller and must walk with the aide of a walking stick. I thought I was on the mend but then I noticed that my leg is extremely tender to touch and has nasty bruises expanding on a daily basis. Hoping this is the norm for recovery and not that my leg is not coping with the injury. Enough self diagnosis will talk to my lovely doctor who lives next door tomorrow.

1st random act of kindness - the neighbour our doctor in emergencies, like when a mother gets hurt and can't drive herself anywhere kind of doctor. Wrote out a referral for an ultrasound and then rang and made an appointment! How good is that. Outcome torn calf muscle with a 3cm muscle retraction.

2nd random act of kindness - hobbling along at the retro markets at Kirribilli in the rain without an umbrella when a guy (who I didn't know runs to my and eldest daughters aide with an umbrella for both of us).

3rd random act of kindness - finding H in the kitchen last night preparing a chocolate self saucing pudding as a surprise and heart warming pick me up!

I have been a bit woe is me, not seeing other humans all day can do that to you and knowing that you can't go anywhere makes it worse. I am excited about tomorrow. I am looking after my neighbours son in the morning, yah will at least see the mother at dropoff and pickup. Saw another neighbour today (while excitedly going to get the target catalogue -highlight of my day) and she said she would pop in for a chat, yah excitement levels reaching fever pitch, Hs father rang today to say he might drop in...excitement levels are just so high and then the best of best, my mum is picking my daughter up for the first ever time from Preschool for me with my neice her cousin. I might see 4 adults and even the postie if I am lucky! No real coffee, miss that but other umans (as my girls say) can't wait!

My woe from last week was also added to when H deleted my entire desktop, thats ok you say you would have backed up, well not recently been ummmm slack and busy. I couldn't face my computer last week, it was to much to handle a crippled leg and computer all in one GO!

Alas I can see clearly now and after eating loads of chocolate and picking flowers from our garden to cheer myself up, I feel better, not 100% but better then last week.