Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Expect the unexpected

The girls Aunts are in China at present supporting a school excursion. We saw them prior to their departure and thought it would be cute for their nieces to dress accordingly. They looked cute (even if I am bias and it made everyone smile)

We have had to use only part of our house during the kitchen renovations which are still happening. I thought I would make use of the time to create a tutu for teddy for when he does the teddybear dance at ballet. It matches his owners daughter E.
It will be used for the first time this Monday so I will try and get a photo of them dancing together.

The food shown was the first dish that my H cooked on our new gas stovetop. Very exciting and very yummy.

When I titled this blog as expect the unexpected it was a result of the trials of surviving without a kitchen, which we managed really well. We had been granted offers of support from friends and family and happily accepted any offers given... but it didn't always go to plan. The first offer was lunch with Hs family - cancelled due to restaurant being used for a function, dinner that night cancelled due to friends mother who lives with them having a gastro bug. Funny stuff as it just kept continuing; were invited to twin sisters place on the Thursday happily accepted cancelled as nephew was not well, postponed to the next night, cancelled as both niece and nephew not well - will try for Sunday (which was cancelled due to niece, nephew and sister all being ill). Thought that is ok have dinner at Hs parents place, we had the kids in the car and I was locking up when the phone rang Hs father had a funny rash all over his face, should we come, we would risk it we thought. He had strick instructions to not kiss the girls. Sunday night were also invited to Miss Fs place for dinner yes you guessed it cancelled due to water coming through her ceiling - postponed till the following Saturday, which was cancelled as she had to work. Sunday night we also had an offer for dinner from my folks which we kindly took up the offer and had a lovely time.

All worked out but we just had to laugh as all offers of support were going pear shaped - what had we done wrong in a previous life?

Photo of the girls enjoying meal no.1. Poor R has been sick all week and so sleep has alluded me. I have been struggling to keep my head up, but what happens when the carer gets sick, nothing the carer has to continue... I sound so woe is me, but dream during those times of having someone to say here you go I will look after the little ones you go and have a liedown...

Our first attempt at cupcakes in our new oven - exciting times have arrived in our household - stay tuned for many more culinary delights.

I won't post any pics of the kitchen till it is completed got to keep you coming back to check on progress - must go to bed daughter no.1 has been distressed - nightmare sort of stuff, fingers crossed for a good nights sleep.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Going going totally gone!

My blogs are taking on what is consuming our family but in a totally great and exciting way!

Bye bye old unfaithful, I would have respected you if only you kept your door shut!

Another little treasure found in front of a brickwall - why imitate brickwork with brickwork?

Little Miss R was excited to see the kitchen arrive and be able to watch it from her change table.

Our new kitchen/dining area - the kids love it and even though it could be challenging we are actually having quieter meals, I think we are going to continue with the no tv policy during meals.

R fell asleep peacefully on the couch in the afternoon, so exhausting for a 2 year old. I did a lot of knitting during the day almost finished sleeve no.2.

Talking about knitting daughter aged 4 is desperate to be taught how to knit, any tips on how best to teach her would be appreciated.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Its a KNOCKout

Its all GO GO STOP! Chaos reigns! It was 1 day till the entire kitchen came out but it has been put back till Monday disappointing but worth the wait. We removed some cupboards on Saturday to do our bit for recycling and using existing materials on other projects. We discovered this wonderful wallpaper underneath one of the cupboards, it has been removed and I will either add it to our house journal or cover something with it. I was excited. We have also saved one of the pictured wall tiles.

I have been really busy with work from every single one of my clients all in the past few days... it has been chaos trying to pack, entertain kids, design and stay sane while trying to keep the house going, with youngest daughter going through a night waking stage. Off my soapbox now, better out then in!

Thank you So, of Si and So your continual comments have kept this blog going.