Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Its a KNOCKout

Its all GO GO STOP! Chaos reigns! It was 1 day till the entire kitchen came out but it has been put back till Monday disappointing but worth the wait. We removed some cupboards on Saturday to do our bit for recycling and using existing materials on other projects. We discovered this wonderful wallpaper underneath one of the cupboards, it has been removed and I will either add it to our house journal or cover something with it. I was excited. We have also saved one of the pictured wall tiles.

I have been really busy with work from every single one of my clients all in the past few days... it has been chaos trying to pack, entertain kids, design and stay sane while trying to keep the house going, with youngest daughter going through a night waking stage. Off my soapbox now, better out then in!

Thank you So, of Si and So your continual comments have kept this blog going.


Rose Red said...

Gosh look at that wallpaper! Imagine that all over your kitchen! Covering a book is a much better home for it I think!

Good luck with the kitchen reno. It'll be worth it once it's done!

Fleat said...

Sorry to hear the kitchen redo got pushed back, must be pretty exciting, looking forward to seeing it once finished.

SadieandLance said...

Hmmm you're brave tackling kitchen renos while tackling a big work load and a sleepless bub. Go you! Good Luck and don't burn out!