Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Random acts of kindness

One week and a half ago I had an accident on our driveway, the outcome could have been far worse. I was chasing a runaway 2 year old and tore my calf muscle. Under doctors orders I am not allowed to drive or walk with the stroller and must walk with the aide of a walking stick. I thought I was on the mend but then I noticed that my leg is extremely tender to touch and has nasty bruises expanding on a daily basis. Hoping this is the norm for recovery and not that my leg is not coping with the injury. Enough self diagnosis will talk to my lovely doctor who lives next door tomorrow.

1st random act of kindness - the neighbour our doctor in emergencies, like when a mother gets hurt and can't drive herself anywhere kind of doctor. Wrote out a referral for an ultrasound and then rang and made an appointment! How good is that. Outcome torn calf muscle with a 3cm muscle retraction.

2nd random act of kindness - hobbling along at the retro markets at Kirribilli in the rain without an umbrella when a guy (who I didn't know runs to my and eldest daughters aide with an umbrella for both of us).

3rd random act of kindness - finding H in the kitchen last night preparing a chocolate self saucing pudding as a surprise and heart warming pick me up!

I have been a bit woe is me, not seeing other humans all day can do that to you and knowing that you can't go anywhere makes it worse. I am excited about tomorrow. I am looking after my neighbours son in the morning, yah will at least see the mother at dropoff and pickup. Saw another neighbour today (while excitedly going to get the target catalogue -highlight of my day) and she said she would pop in for a chat, yah excitement levels reaching fever pitch, Hs father rang today to say he might drop in...excitement levels are just so high and then the best of best, my mum is picking my daughter up for the first ever time from Preschool for me with my neice her cousin. I might see 4 adults and even the postie if I am lucky! No real coffee, miss that but other umans (as my girls say) can't wait!

My woe from last week was also added to when H deleted my entire desktop, thats ok you say you would have backed up, well not recently been ummmm slack and busy. I couldn't face my computer last week, it was to much to handle a crippled leg and computer all in one GO!

Alas I can see clearly now and after eating loads of chocolate and picking flowers from our garden to cheer myself up, I feel better, not 100% but better then last week.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Blog-anniversary -1 year old today

I have been wanting to post for a while but due to illness and school holidays and as a result fatigue, I just have not had the energy to do so.

Part 2 of my birthday seems a bit funny to talk about and seems such a long time ago, weird things have been happening since then - this year is not a good one for our family. Some years are good and some just leave you wondering what on earth have I done wrong in a previous life! Anyhow I have wanted to mention the joy that a few friends have provided over the past few weeks.

Last night my best friend from high school joined us for dinner, it was lovely. She arrived with a beautiful gift of the plant photographed, it has gorgeous aromatic flowrs. It was a lovely way to finish a weekend. I loved preparing dinner for her and our family. It gave me something to look forward to on another weekend where Hs work has taken over our lives. What I really enjoyed most of all was watching the enjoyment that my girls got listening to her reading to them in bed. Time is the best gift of all to kids.

On Friday I had a lovely surprise visit from Soph. How nice it is for a surprise visit, the kids were so taken that there almost needed to be 2 Sos' they wanted both to sit next to her. Soph did not see me in my best light I was struggling up the hill as both girls wanted to sit in the stroller at the same time. She kindly delivered E home with her. It is the small things in life like a friend extending a hand especially when you are not used to hands being extended.

I also want to make special mention to 2 friends who I have been lucky enough to inherit as a result of Hs work. B&A always make you feel special at birthday times and this year was no different. The focus was on providing a yummy meal containing some of my favourite foods. Also some beauty products and a puzzle for me. They remembered that I love logic puzzles. I did spend one visit at their place with the main focus being to solve what was classified as a mind bender. I was excited, I was thrilled my brain had not vanished with the kids it was still present.

Lastly Sadie and Lance a big thumbs up to the slice that you included on your blog. I visited my neighbour on Thursday and it went down a treat for both big and small people.

So when I reflect on my first year of blogging I have wondered on many occasions and more so recently whether to continue. Time will tell... still unsure. But my hope is that for the next year that life treats us all well, with joyful news enough is enough I say!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What do you do when you are housebound...renovate your daughters bedroom, call me silly...but I needed to do something

The gastro bug is still visiting. H is back at work but both girls are still not well. Meal times are a challenge and the cleaning aspect is revolting. I could tell you about the bath tonight but that would make you sick, it horrified me and I am the mother!

Anyhow poor H was feeling weak and exhausted so what did I say... I want to paint Es room. I thought it would be an easy task, the room is not big by room standards but emptying the room and painting with kids wanting to help can and does mean it takes quite a bit longer. We spent all of Sunday painting and I spent today decorating. I am excited about the outcome, E chose the colour; Rose Ritual. We decided as the kids wanted to be involved we would let them paint the wall. H put some inspirational music on and we all attacked the wall - with paint that is...before H went to work he put the curtain rail up and I surprised him tonight with a finished room. A good family project for those times when you are housebound and going round the twist.

Stay tuned over the next few days for my birthday Part 2

Friday, July 4, 2008

All sick

I will be posting more about my birthday when I have the energy to photograph some presents. Youngest daughter took ill on Tuesday night with a yucky gastro type of has spread... all members of our family are ill. It took all my energy to pickup my eldest daughter from Preschool yesterday R had seemed ok for 24 hours so I decided to let E go to Preschool as school holidays start today. Went early and lay on the couch as soon as I got home...wishing H to come home to take over. H came home but as he had taken ill at work. Lets hope tonight is better. The positive side is that it is nice all to be together, if not suffering together. Gastro bug fly fly away and don't come back another day.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Actual Birthday PART 1 - Day 1 of a 40 year old

My birthday started off very very roughly. We went out to dinner at the Rockpool with my twinee. I am not waxing lyrically about it. Company fantastic, service great, ambience great, food average. Anyhow we stayed up till midnight so that H could wish me an official 40th Birthday. R decided to join in and kept both H and I awake till 3.30am via screaming and protesting loudly. Almost like how dare you go out mum, my present is to make my presence felt!

The only way I got her to stop was to grab a sleeping bag and liedown on her cold hard bedroom floor. Hence I am now sick, sandpaper sore throat kinda sick!

I updated my masthead at 3am this morning on one of my many overnight journeys to her. I think she has what I now have and that is why even though she is a bad sleeper her sleep is even more cactus. Anyhow I have digressed.

Eldest daughter E came into wake me up at 7am on my birthday - less then 3 and a half hours of broken sleep and I am woken put on my I am going to enjoy this day as you only turn 40 once smile. I receive my first phone call at 8am my bestest friend from Uni J. She is funny and full of energy and makes me feel alive - 1 hour later, I emerge and H has run a bath for me, where I receive further phonecalls.

We were going to have breakfast out as a unit of 4 but are running so late that we decide to do that while E is at a Princess Party. Drop E off and go to a lovely cafe a couple of suburbs away - yummy delicious breakfast - bacon cooked in the crispy way I love and tomatoes with a smokey overtone. Do a quick park visit with R and pick E up from the party.

Got home present time BUT that will be talked about in PART 2... stay tuned!

H worried as I have not decided where I want to go for dinner. I say beautiful day, I am tired and so are you lets go to the Palm Beach get takeaway and watch the sun go down. I didn't want to sit in a restaurant for the sake of sitting in a restaurant when I felt so tired. It was fun the absolute invigoration you feel when watching waves on a cool winters night is great. R fell into the water upto her neck, luckily my girl guide training has come in handy and I had numerous changes of clothes with us.

Put the girls to bed and H went out to Max Brenner and got me this yummy delight.
Sat down to watch a movie wanted so hard to stay awake but fell asleep.

That was my 40th, I was needed, I was loved, I was also forgotten but thats another story... but I am lucky, oh so lucky...thanks H for being you... you big SPUNK!

Friday, June 27, 2008

How lucky am I

Today my H took the day off work, why to spend a day with us. How lucky am I!

Today my neighbour rang to see if I wanted her daughter to come over and straighten my hair for me, knowing I wouldn't be able to get to a hairdressers. How lucky am I!

Today my brother-in-law organised for me and my twinee to go out to dinner for our birthdays and organised a cake for each of us. How lucky am I!

Today I went to the letterbox and had three cards in the mail. How lucky am I!

Today my parents babysat for us when we went out for dinner. How lucky am I!

Today I got to spend the day with people I love. How lucky am I!

Tomorrow I will be 40 and will be able to think of how much joy I had on my last day of being 39! Bring on the next 40!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy oh so hap hap happy ;-)

It is not my birthday till Saturday and already the presents have arrived and wow have I been spoilt. So in order that I reecieved them which was basically a present degustation here they are from Saturday. I heart them all.

A book which will be oh so handy and a gift from the very gifted RoseRed who taught me how to crochet and her H.

A cute as a button card - made especially by Husby of RoseRed. I had requested that the presence of people was presents enough and all I wanted was a handmade card - so thank you Husby of RoseRed I will treasure it.

Inbetween this gift I received a digital photoframe which is not behaving and won't upload to this post so just invisage a lovely metal frame containing fun family and friends pics. Courtesy of Jax. Great great gift and just what our new kitchen needed!

Some beautiful Woolganic Kniiters Yarn - 100% certified organic wool. Gorgeous truly delicious colours. Thanks again RoseRed and her Husby.

Courtesy of Miss F a beautiful Glass Ginger Jar filled with beautiful memory notes. Little reminders and inspirational notes to make me smile in a nice teary sort of way or make me laugh like a Hyena. Anything is possible with me and my memories. Miss F also organised for my H to write special notes to me...things that make you go awwwwwww.

and then there was the beautiful CLAP hanknitted by RoseRed. I think I have already mentioned that I love it, well I do I really do. Wore it again today so the only day that it has not been shown to the general public was yesterday. I even got it out today when I was home to show it off to one of my friends. Truly snuggly comfortable and again a huge huge Thank you.

The Clapotis was gifted in this beautiful handmade project or I think I will use it entirely to protect this beautiful creation bag.
Another RoseRed original.

Clap on location in Katoomba

Last but not least this bag I purchased in katoomba with some money given to me on Saturday night by my Hs parents they rock. Lovingly looked after the girls while me and H were at Berowra Waters.