Monday, June 30, 2008

Actual Birthday PART 1 - Day 1 of a 40 year old

My birthday started off very very roughly. We went out to dinner at the Rockpool with my twinee. I am not waxing lyrically about it. Company fantastic, service great, ambience great, food average. Anyhow we stayed up till midnight so that H could wish me an official 40th Birthday. R decided to join in and kept both H and I awake till 3.30am via screaming and protesting loudly. Almost like how dare you go out mum, my present is to make my presence felt!

The only way I got her to stop was to grab a sleeping bag and liedown on her cold hard bedroom floor. Hence I am now sick, sandpaper sore throat kinda sick!

I updated my masthead at 3am this morning on one of my many overnight journeys to her. I think she has what I now have and that is why even though she is a bad sleeper her sleep is even more cactus. Anyhow I have digressed.

Eldest daughter E came into wake me up at 7am on my birthday - less then 3 and a half hours of broken sleep and I am woken put on my I am going to enjoy this day as you only turn 40 once smile. I receive my first phone call at 8am my bestest friend from Uni J. She is funny and full of energy and makes me feel alive - 1 hour later, I emerge and H has run a bath for me, where I receive further phonecalls.

We were going to have breakfast out as a unit of 4 but are running so late that we decide to do that while E is at a Princess Party. Drop E off and go to a lovely cafe a couple of suburbs away - yummy delicious breakfast - bacon cooked in the crispy way I love and tomatoes with a smokey overtone. Do a quick park visit with R and pick E up from the party.

Got home present time BUT that will be talked about in PART 2... stay tuned!

H worried as I have not decided where I want to go for dinner. I say beautiful day, I am tired and so are you lets go to the Palm Beach get takeaway and watch the sun go down. I didn't want to sit in a restaurant for the sake of sitting in a restaurant when I felt so tired. It was fun the absolute invigoration you feel when watching waves on a cool winters night is great. R fell into the water upto her neck, luckily my girl guide training has come in handy and I had numerous changes of clothes with us.

Put the girls to bed and H went out to Max Brenner and got me this yummy delight.
Sat down to watch a movie wanted so hard to stay awake but fell asleep.

That was my 40th, I was needed, I was loved, I was also forgotten but thats another story... but I am lucky, oh so lucky...thanks H for being you... you big SPUNK!


Alabaster said...

Thanks sweetie - I'm glad you got some enjoyment from it amid the hassle! Sorry it didn't all go to plan, but it's all the more memorable for that! (Or something)

Rose Red said...

Great pictures! There really is something refreshing about the beach/ocean isn't there - soothing as well. Sorry you didn't get mch sleep but it sounds like you had a pretty good day - fun with your family.

Brian said...

Hello! Nice to see you all last weekend.
A bit behind in the reading, but looking forward to "part 2" - cruel to have teaser in "part 1", and leave the audience wanting more :-)
x, b