Monday, June 23, 2008


On Saturday to celebrate my upcoming 40th Birthday. I with some very special friends was lucky enough to spend a sundrenched, fun-filled, fantastic food and friends afternoon of delight. I am excited about turning 40 I have done alot already with my life and there are so many more exciting moments to come. Age an inevitable life experience, nothing you can do about it so live life and celebrate.

This post will be about food, the presents I received need their own lime light an unexpected delight and all reflect the great personalities and thoughtfulness of each friend. I love them.

The food - the restaurant an experience. We arrived at 12noon and left at 5.30pm. The staff were friendly and helpful and unobtrusive. They left our sometimes loud table to be loud without concern! We arrived by ferry, a private ferry just for the restaurant. You can arrive by seaplane and one couple did leave that way while we ate. You could if you like have 4, 5 or 6 courses, with or without matching wines.
The men at our table had 6 courses the women 5 (there were 3 additional hidden courses unbenown to us and not mentioned on the menu but yummy surprise treats). Here is my visual diary.

Photos courtesy of H, love your work.


Rose Red said...

A truly fabulous day!

Bells said...

I just came from RoseRed's account and it just sounds so fabulous and looks wonderful. What a great way to celebrate. Happy 40th birthday!

Sophia said...

Food looked great!! Happy Birthday xxoo

SadieandLance said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! What a fabulous celebration. My tummy feels full just looking at the photos!