Thursday, June 19, 2008

Busy funtimes and chaos still reigns!

We celebrated my hs' 40th birthday during the long weekend. A fitting celebration with his family. You maybe confused yes his birthday was in February but his sisters have been travelling so it was the first opportunity we could all get together. Kind of fitting as I turn 40 this month so a passing of the birthday baton!

Poor Opa was as usual in great demand. The kids did really well as we were there for over 3 hours. The food was great and we decided that the chocolate desert could have been had at Tetsuyas it was awesome. The restaurant is a great little local gem to both of our parents. We will be back, the staff all 2 of them (well at lunchtime) were friendly and very accomodating.

The chocolate delight came complete with homemade vanilla ice cream...I think I mentioned it was delicious and best of all it was big, my kinda of desert.

The long weekend continued with a family Yum Cha gathering, 13 unlucky for some but delightful for us. The kids had there own corner and were so excited to be together. Great rainy day stuff. I was kept busy making Basil Brush paper puppets for the young-ins.

On the holiday Monday we had some great friends over for husbands first ever Roast Chicken and desert included Sticky Date pudding. Lovely day with the 3 little ones playing nicely and the adults getting an opportunity to catch up. We look forward to you guys moving closer, more playdates lay ahead. Always relaxing and always fun.

We went from this to this... all in an afternoon

We are still in chaos waiting for the trademan to return to finish the floor... it was mean't to happen on Monday...then Wednesday and maybe today. He won't get my recommendation. He came with a high recommendation from my neighbour I wish I could pass it on. He is a nice guy...but takes on to much!

Anyhow love love and what calms me is the view from our family room... we are lucky the most beautiful canvas you can have that of nature.

We had a lovely weekend last with a surprise trip into town on Friday night to drop my younger sister off and just relax with her at her lovely home. Saturday H had organised unbenown to me that his parents would look after the kids while we went shopping for me...yes all about me at present. More about that later, but H took me to my first ever Sushi Train encounter felt liberated eating without sorting others out at the same time. Spent a lovely night with his folks and then I went shopping again on Sunday. My twinee and I go shopping once a year to buy each others presents. I love what she bought me and it will be displayed in the next week or so.

So for the first time in months I had the equivalent of a day without kids, wasn't sure I was going to know what to do with my arms without kids. I soon found a use, shopping bags the quiet replacement. Love you my girls...and love all that my H did behind the scenes.


Rose Red said...

Oh a big foodie weekend - all looks fabulous especially that chocolate pudding.

Look forward to seeing the results of the shopping expeditions!!

Sophia said...

Loved your beautiful kitchen (very well thought out), nice roast dinner & sticky date pud (have to get your recipe later) YUMMY!!

Sounded like a great weekend shopping. No matter how much we love our kids, I think we still need time out by ourselves. Mabye we could babysit sometimes when we are closer so you would be able to have more "me-time"?

Fleat said...

That dessert looks great,you'll have to tell me which restaurant it is!

Oh, and by the way, I've tagged you for a meme over at my blog ... go take a look :)