Sunday, June 1, 2008

Warm Wamberal Winter

Friday after Kindy pickup I decided to make some scones to compliment our leftover dinner. We like to have cleansed the fridge by Friday in preparation of new goodies on Saturday. Dinner was composed of Snow pea, cucumber & celery salad, Pumpkin Scones my first ever, Pumpkin and Potato Fritters my first ever, Natural Greek Style Yoghurt. I did add a couple of slices of bacon it was an odd one but yummy just the same. The youngest one hated the scones and when I say hated, if she could have pushed her plate as far away as the backyard she would have!

We wanted to do a day trip somewhere as we actually find it refreshing journeying to new places with the girls. The destinations are not expensive (well petrol-wise they are) but it is the simple things in life that make you feel recharged and ready to face new challenges - like Rs sleeping habits.

R wasn't really beach ready but we did pick our destination last minute. I said to H how about we have fish and chips on the beach up North for lunch. H was hard at work painting the kitchen ceiling. Less then 30 minutes after that we were heading off!

I took one towel and changes of clothes for the girls...just in case sort of stuff. It was needed and my Girl Guide training of always be prepared came in handy as you can see E took a nose dive into the surf when wave jumping.

Public declaration it may have been washed away by the waves by the time we left but isn't it fun to do sand drawings and delight those who add so much warmth to your heart!

Nature and its sparkling natural jewels as I said it is the simple things in life...I am recharged now H and I painted the kitchen walls when we got home, one more coat to go and then the fridge will be back home...H off to work - yes weekend work is again happening... me well my family are coming to dinner to celebrate mums sticky date puddings, cheese platter, roast meats etc on the agenda...hopefully yummy photos will follow...must think positively and if I get stressed I will look at these Warm Wamberal photos.


Rose Red said...

Great pics - lovely day for the beach.

Mmmm pumpkin scones - warm with butter and vegemite - a taste sensation!

Sophia said...

Nice yummy looking scones and a memorable weekend no doubt!