Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I wish I was Snoozing + an added bonus of EEs Gumboot collection

H kindly organised for a parents retreat of a couple of hours and thanks to his very willing parents who happily babysit for us we got away. Both kids have not been sleeping well and as a result both parents have not also. Scarily I went walking with my neighbour this morning and while she was waiting for me said just trying to find my sunglasses and she kindly said the ones on top of your head. Dohl double dohl. I decided against any fine dining as when you are at extreme tiredness that is not my idea of relaxing. We went to the Northern beaches and got takeaway fish and chips and watched the waves roll in under a lovely full moon. The sea was invigorating and seem to carry all our concerns out to sea. Finished the evening off in my favourite way with hot chocolates and yummy chocolate desert from the Bald Man - Max Brenner - yum yum and make that double yum.

Had high hopes for this week sleep wise even tried to go to bed 1 hour earlier, only problem both kids are waking alternate hours. Eldest one is having nightmares over spiders and monsters. Youngest has the beginning of a cold, great stuff yippppppppppppee (only kidding) more disease to follow soon, I hope not.

Maybe they should try sleeping lying down!

As it is officially SHOESday please find attached eledest daughters gumboot collection, especially great for jumping in muddy puddles. I wouldn't mind a pair for those days when I just want or need to do a bit of stomping!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Sure Slim diet plan not for the faint hearted

Take a 3 year old and get her to start having gastro on you and her bed from 2am - enough to put you off your tucker for at least say 24 hours. 5 loads of washing later I decided to treat myself by updating my blog. EE said to me this morning as we were getting her ready for the doctors, thanks for looking after me during the night, how beautifully sweet is that even though she had just been sick for the fifth time she thanked me for looking after her, the rewards of motherhood! Special thanks to H for doing the doctors visit and initial cleaning.

We had a lovely weekend with my favourite Fs : family, friends and fetes. I managed to purchase some more retro books. I am sure I was born in the wrong era. Not sure who is going to get the most enjoyment the kids or me.

The books are titled: Sally, Lucy, Tracey and Katie and each doll comes complete with a front and a back, almost a shame to cut them up maybe I will use them as a template to make our own and keep them pristine.

Update on the tutu 90% finished would have been finished if I hadn't decided to make it longer but thought with all the effort I had gone to I should maximise the ability for EE to wear it for longer, I guess one of the problems with creating your own pattern!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Embarassing moments your kids create

Today I picked young E up from her first day of term 4 Preschool. All was good we got into a lift and she excitedly told the lady who was travelling with us that we had pink finger buns kept saying it over and over and over until... she got a response. She finally said thats nice. E as she had made contact thought WOW I can ask her questions now like: Are you having a baby! PROBLEM: Woman was mid 60s, was not impressed. Walked to the carpark only to find she was parked right next to me. Emabarassing. Didn't know what to do, didn't want to make a fuss so just didn't say anything.

H reckons his moment was more embarassing as if I want to have a competition about it. But anyhow E was fruit and vegie shopping with him and this lady was talking to her. She had walked away a couple of steps and E shouted out is that a man or a lady.

I have included an introduction to my crochetted tutu it has progressed to 85% (very excited). E wants it as a full tutu. I am hoping to finish prior to Christmas if the kids allow me to work on it at present they find it fun to take my wool and run off (problem being it is still attached to the tutu.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

SHOESday : enter flat new red shoes

Purchased these bright sparkling new shoes on Monday at the local St Vinnies. A big purchase at the big price of $6. Proud of them as they make my large feet well 8 and a half is kinda large, appear in my eyes small.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Trains, Parks and exhibition

In my need to entertain and make Es Preschool journal sound really interesting we have done some out of the ordinary excursions this week. One of my friends is very supportive of my need to help illustrate an interesting holiday so suggested we took the 4 kids on a train trip. It was a great idea and the kids had a ball waving and jumping around excitedly on the station. Really gave a different perspective to my days of travelling to work on the train. I will try and hold onto the image of pure joy when thinking of trains.

We went to a park then a cafe for babycinos. Phew one day will look interesting.

Another fun activity was pretend beaches in the backyard... a great way to enjoy a sunny hot afternoon.

We went to two different parks independent of the train park to find that vandals had been busy over the long weekend. It is so disappointing, don't people have better things to do then to destroy kids play equipment. I rang the council to bring to attention the lack of safety locks on the gates and I thought gee I am or have turned into my mum. Which I am not saying is a bad thing. Better to get things sorted then just complain and do nothing about it.

On Sunday we went into town to see my younger sisters art exhibition which was very impressive. It was in a really interesting part of town. There were alot of people recovering from a big Saturday night. It was really sad to see alot of the homeless people. I thought how lucky am I to have people that care for me. I couldn't stop thinking about what dreams there mum would have had when they were born and what could have happened to have them end up living on the streets. Sometimes we get so caught up in monetary items we forget how lucky we are just to be loved.

I walked with the girls to the next suburb this morning, roughly just over 5 kms. E walked for about 4 kms of it, we made it into a game and she forgot that she was walking so far. The library visit bought me out into a sweat. Both girls had a need for toilet visits. During Rs nappy change E decided to empty all the toys out of the toy basket and load it with books and play librarians did the right thing by putting the books back but the huge pile of books she accumulated in such a short time caused me great concern. R took off with a ladies book on Australias' equivalent to Jack the Ripper and I was constantly chasing her round she thought it was hilarious.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

What year is it ???

Oh my gosh it isn't 2008 yet! Our friends had a baby we had all been eagerly awaiting the news after they had had a traumatic 9 months. The baby was born this morning weighing a very large 10 pounds. The mother is not big at all so it was an oh my gosh, thankfully she had a ceasar! Anyhow E and I decided to make the wrapping paper today for Ts baby present and I got so carried away that I stencilled out 2008 instead of 2007. Do I save it for his first birthday and start again or just use the paper around it?

It has been a busy week with E and R both having playground falls. E still has a wound under her chin and R had a nasty black lip. Made her lips even bigger. E is now on holidays so spent today wearing a bikini and pretending she was at the beach. We went walking with our neighbour this morning who ended up carrying Es toy pram for most of the trek. Stay tuned for the fashion pages to be now displaying toy prams as your latest handbag!

Had a great family weekend, only immediate apart from the very important OPA visit. If there is one word that is known completely by both it is OPA. H and I had piggy-back races in the backyard chasing each other with the kids on our backs. It is amazing how the simpliest activities can cause so much joy. E had ballet so we got to watch her end of term concert, which always brings a smile... had to remind her to stop playing with her nose halfway through it. H went to the Rugby League finals and came home with our neighbour who has a liking for Krispy Kreme donuts so as I update my outdated blog I am eating a chocolate donut, talk about indulgence. Working hard to put back on the 5 kilos I have lost recently NOT!

The outfit R is wearing was given to her for her first birthday by one of her Aunties. I have been waiting excitedly for her to wear it. I just love the retro fabric. We tried to take the monthversary pics yesterday. R kept on wanting to sit or cuddle me. I just couldn't get enough. Her vocab is just amazing at present. Said sticker tonight, can now say yeah for yes, no, mummy, daddy, good, more... to mention just a few. E and I are able to have actual conversations with her now which is fantastic as it reduces the need for tantrums. It is hard to be 20 months and not understood. Yes R is 20 months today sob sob my little baby is no more. A toddler has well and truly arrived. As for E well she is a preschooler going on second-grader.