Friday, August 31, 2007

Time Warp

H and I went through some photos of young EE from 2 years ago and came across these. I made the superhero outfit for her cousin Js 4th Birthday party. I had, had difficulty finding a SuperHero outfit to fit an 18 month old. The cape was made from a tshirt I had in my cupboard which I thought looked good on but got feedback from my sister who told me it didn't look the best. EE still wears the t-shirt now.

I was saying to H not sure if I am going to continue blogging don't feel all that inspiring at present. He said well you haven't posted much craft recently. I just thought I would remind him why, based on an outline of my day. Wednesday morning/afternoon donated my time and energy into helping my friend down the road by looking after her son till 3pm. While having two additional kids and adults plus my own to feed and water and feed and water continually. Visitors left and babysitting over, I got changed to take the kids to Bettys wake. Home again bath time, dinner preparation, more feeding, reading time, cleaning time. Then sat down to do work for 5 different clients all requiring work at the same time. Gee I wonder why I didn't have time for craft.

Really felt like I lived in an alternative universe yesterday. Walked to the local park with the kids. Too gorgeous a day to drive, only to find that the park was closed for maintenance - no warning...grrrrrrrrrrrrrh, had to distill the disappointment on mother and kid. Friend rang who I usually see to tell me not coming as husband had taken the day off and had taken her out for breakfast and then wait for it, taking her away for a mystery weekend, no kids, flying North to a destination she would find out at the airport...

Photo of RR from yesterday she loves looking at books.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A beautiful idea

I saw Kerrie today, the funeral for her mum Betty, is tomorrow. She told me that they are covering the coffin with Camelias from their Garden and from the plants her mum used to look after and saw from her bedroom. I thought what a beautiful idea and how personal. What was even nicer is that as it is nearing the end of the Camelia season, neighbours and friends were offering to allow her to come and get some from their gardens.

We are really lucky to live in such a nice neighbourhood, we have only lived here a few years but the friendships that have been created in that time are truly amazing.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The sun shone and all was good in the world

Last week our niece turned 6. EE and RR had both been invited to a fairy party today. This event had been used as part of my negotiation skills since last week. There had been the confiscation of the fairy outfit, where it was just out of reach, visible in mummy and daddys' bedroom and had to be earnt back! Last night it made its way to EEs room but still out of reach. Anyhow both EE and RR looked very sweet in their fairy outfits. RRs outfit I had made for her 1st birthday and got it out again today with the hope that it would still fit, thankfully it did.

RR did really well surrounded by very energetic 6 and 3 year olds. She can hold her own. EE was the same height as some of the 5 year olds there and also was very relaxed and blended in easily with the big kids. It was really rewarding for H and myself to watch as we are both very shy.

H had his first and only day off in 7 days so it was awesome that the sun shone so brightly. We are both sick again. I have been sick since last Monday, poor H just inherited his illness yesterday. Over the illness tag team that seems to happen when you have little ones and especially when they start Preschool.

Hopefully this week will be a week of good news and funtimes. Thanks to Rose Red for your kind thoughts.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Do you ever have one of those days?

Been a funny sort of inevitable days, one of those leaving me wondering how do you explain to kids about death?

We have been friends with a lovely old lady and now her daughter for a few years. We met out walking she would walk her dog I would walk EE. She would come round at Christmas, Easter, Birthdays and always made a fuss of the kids. As she got older and couldn't walk up the hill her daughter would drive her round to see us or I would take the kids for a walk past to say hello. She brightened up my days as I hope we did hers.

She was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer a couple of months ago it had gone to far at that stage. Her daughter made the decision to bring her home and let her spend her last months surrounded by family and friends. I feared something had happened last night as I heard sirens, it was not theres but I drove past there house today and saw there were a lot of cars. My fears were made reality when her daughter dropped round to tell me that Betty had passed away at 2am. She had a teddy for each of the girls, the teddies had belonged to Betty.

I have shead a few tears and told EE that Betty is now in heaven, but I have had to remain composed as not to frighten them.
The whole explanation of death is such a tricky thing.

We are so much better for having known Betty and I know we will continue our friendship with Kerrie.

Sorry this blog entry is such a downer but it is all part of the healing process.

Hopefully laughter will prevail soon.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Blue Tongue but thankfully not on the kids

Went for a quick walk looking for the local wild bunny to show Empress E. Revolutionary R and I usually see it when we are out walking on a Tuesday morning. We couldn't walk far as EE insisted on taking her baby in its stroller. Otherwise known after her last hospital visit as Claratone (after her medicine Claratyne, obviously made her feel better). I think the other name that she has become attached to is from listening to the doctor talk to a couple in the next bed with a baby. The name is NATURAL BABY, H and I have a wee smile to each other when she calls out Claratone and Natural Baby where are you. We didn't see the Bunny Bun Bun this morning unfortunately. We did see in the backyard next to the cubby house a lovely Blue Tongue Lizard. Our Cat called in full Tobias Al-G Jinx, Toby for short was playing with us so we didn't want to bring to much attention to it and that is why I haven't got a photo. Slowly going stir crazy due to hybernation from gluey gooey eye which had transferred across and now in both eyes. Need a takeaway coffee or something to feel part of society and the world, but H took car in for a service so will dream about it tonight and see how the glue factory is going tomorrow. Please send go as soon as possible glue messages through even if only in your mind.

Allow me to introduce you to another important member of Empress Es family. 3 Legged, why because he has 3 legs of course. It was only when H and I were going through some photos from 2 years ago that we realised he is not aging well. I think this is a result of constant cuddling being placed on the table while eating and being handled by grottie fingers as illustrated above.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Life full of Gooey little Surprises

The last few days also have included a few firsts; RR had her first ever Apple Juice Poppa, now can say NO to EVERYTHING. I babysat my niece and nephew yesterday for the day an unexpected event. So while H worked for the 8th weekend in a row - not that I am counting and it is obvious that I am. Poor thing is working 7 days straight! I worked by looking after 4 kids inside on a very rainy day. There was chaos, laughter and more laughter. They played cubby houses under the kitchen table, this included role playing. My Niece was the mummy and EE was the baby very very interesting to hear mine and my sisters communication skills coming out! I then got a large sheet of butchers paper out and traced round the kids one on top of each other so they could see the height difference. They then sat there colouring in there silohuettes and adding pictures to the background. Anyhow they stayed for 5 hours, can't remember sitting down at all during that time.

I got a call from my sister that night to tell me the GOOD NEWS NOT, nephew R had suspected conjunctivitis (highly contagious gooey, yucky pink-eye infection) and to warn me that it may go through our house. Excellent not the Thank You gift I was after for babysitting. EE right on schedule 10pm on Sunday night woke up screaming YES gooey eye had reached us. So this morning we were off to the doctors for confirmation and medicine. Drops 4 times a day. EE is actually being a really good girl when I try and get it in her eyes. Not good with following her mothers screeching instructions of don't go near your sister, don't touch her...etc So this week there will be no Preschool, apparently head lice is doing the rounds at her school at the moment so for her not to be there is probably a really good timing.

Would have included a picture of a pink gooey eye but that would have been really bad taste

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Australia in full Glory

In the weekend we visited a nearby National Park. It is the season for wildflowers and they didn't disappoint. The wattle trees were spectacular in full bloom. The park has a very large landing complete with BBQs, kids playground, footie area and Ned Kelly. We were meeting some good friends to help celebrate a friends birthday...the usual yummy food of nibbles, chicken, salads, cake and good company. We not only had the company of good friends but uninvited friends in the form of a very cheeky Kookaburra.

I had been warned by other friends about the cheekiness of the Kookaburras and how they stole food wherever possible. As a result of this warning I suggested to Miss F that we sit in a covered area, it didn't stop the little rascals. Before I knew it my legs were wet and I had let out a scream, I had felt the flutter of wings and saw something fly past so quickly that it was a blur. The cheeky Kookie had flown past knocked my drink onto my lap stole a piece of chicken and kept flying.

We were also very lucky to have a very wanted uninvited guest, a Wallaby complete with a little Joey. Empress Es second exposure, but Revolutionary Rs first and how exciting for all of us. It made me think wow Australia is so amazing and has so much to offer even at your doorstep.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

If only fairy godmothers existed!

Have a lot of play dates this week, which is great, the only problem is I have an overwhelming sense of to much to do and not enough time. I have a strong need to be out and about with people or I am going to go slowly insane as is EE!. Thought what am I going to do then I thought stop thinking about it just start. As I was going through the I haven't dusted as much as I should scenarios for EEs skin reaction I spent yesterday afternoon prior to picking her up totally cleansing her room. My lack of desire to clean this week is also based on the fact that I was on paintbrush and playdohl duty at Preschool this week. This activity is so unglamorous you arrive and are given buckets of used brushes, sponges, paint pots to clean.

If only these two fairy godmothers were real and not the creators of mess. EE played fairies with her young friend J this morning. If they were any closer to the tv they would have been in it!

Today we are due to get together with our friends that ended in the girls having lunchtime baths. I am going to be really prepared this week. Either ready with clean clothes or mentally ready for dirty girls.

I have on my craft front and in my wip: one almost complete summer cardi for EE, 3 partly finished dolls, 1 needed to be resewn up cushion, 2 handmade Birthday card and 1 Fathers Day Card so stay tuned for more finished projects.

I was also going to attempt to read a book, I take the girls to the library every two weeks at present and usually borrow about 15 items for them, I borrowed 2 for myself this time. 1 being a book. I don't think my friends or H actually associate me with reading but I used to be a bookworm when I was younger. I would pick up a book and if it was the weekend I would not be able to put it down till it was finished. Progress report on the book is 5 pages, will keep you updated as I might just finish it within the allotted borrowing time.

Monday, August 13, 2007

A world full of welts!

What did I say about the best made plans. Our friends eldest son was ill so we didn't get to catch up last night unfortunately. As our afternoon altered and I didn't need to do the manic tidy house, prepare food tasks, Empress E and I decided to spring
clean the cubby house. H had work to do so I wanted to get EE out of his hair. It was all well and good until, H commented that EE had got badly burnt on Friday as her back was red and it seemed to reflect the shape of her ballet leotard. I said no, I don't think so, as I would have noticed it when bathing and helping her get dressed.

Dinner was a very painful experience with scratching and the realisation that the rash was spreading. EE did not have a fever, runny nose or any other indicators that we should really be worried. I spent the night trying to find out any more information on rashes and trying to work out how to treat it. We have used Zam Buk, Calamine Lotion, Tea Tree Oil. I had given EE copious amounts of milk and yoghurt which usually helps when she digests something with an allergen.

I decided at 11pm I would go to bed as it was probably going to be a long night.
EE had gone to bed and we kept on going in with torches to check on the rash status. She woke just as I had put my pjs on screaming. I decided that all we could do was take her to hospital. I think I might need a frequent visitors card for quick entry.

Much to my delight the waiting room was empty, hooray this was going to be a quick visit. I shouldn't have thought that. The visit only lasted till 3am, but in my mind it was going to be a quick in and out, I was thinking 1 hour tops when I arrived, just stop her from ripping her skin off. The nurse was so impressed with EEs behaviour that when we went to leave she said I have a special teddy to give you. Here she is a lovely hand knitted Red Cross donated bear shown below with RedTed. The doctor looked at me before she saw us and said don't I know you, I said yes I was here a month ago with Revolutionary R, same ward and same bed. She said any other family members I will be meeting, I said I hope not.

EE was given antihistamines (ours had expired and there are no late night chemists around here) and I was told it was an allergic reaction to something.
Was it this plant (shown above)that we are continually trying to rid from our garden? Any ideas on what this plant is called? Was it the diluted dish washing detergent we used on the cubby house windows? Was it the fact that maybe I need to dust more (I have given away the fact that that is not a regular task) should be as EE is allergic to dust mites (what a slack mother she has).

So today as H and I went to bed finally at 3.30 this morning I dreamt of sleeping in. It was not going to happen RR woke us at a lovely time of 8.15 and EE who I thought would sleep the morning away decided that, that was also a good time to rise. I woke felt like I had a hot summers day, dehydrated feeling hangover. EE has proclaimed all day that she is not tired, RR has slept for 1 hour and I am pretending at present that I can't hear her playing in her bed in the vane hope that she will go back to sleep. Both of them decided to empty the bottom of my wardrobe and wear the loudest clomping shoes they could find. Nothing like the sound of heels on floorboards, especially when they are to big and they want them to act as tap shoes!

H went off to work at 9am, I am trying to treat him by cooking a yummy roast dinner. Sound like a 1950s housewife, that reminds me must get out of my house clothes before his return and pretty myself up (yeah right).

Want to do some craft stuff really really need to do it for my own sanity. Here is Red Ted that I was making for Teddy. I still have to fine tune her, not 100% happy so will post updated images someday (not saying soon as I can't promise that at present).

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Family first

We wondered today winter what winter! It was an absolutely beautiful day, reaching 25 plus. We had a fun day of family and friends, the kids were exhausted as were we, but I am sure the dreams that they have tonight will be very happy. We started the day with the kids grandma, taking her to a produce market, it was very relaxed and fun. Another great opportunity for bonding. We met some friends also at the fair but as it was really crowded we didn't really get the opportunity to chat. The fair was busy as it was also celebrating 5 years and so ABC radio was there and another reason for us to go, my favourite radio announcer was there! How things have changed and how at ease I am to declare that I really enjoy talkback radio.

The kids were lucky enough to spend a couple of hours without parents with there Grandparents and Aunts. Their poor Opa went from pony rides, to pretending he was a puppy, to clearing up mess, he never tires of entertaining them and you can see how much they value his hands on approach by the sheer desire of each to be with him or be doing things with him. Revolutionary R has always been clingier then Empress E but is totally at ease in his company, which makes my heart sing.

H and I went out for lunch with friends that we had tried to catchup with earlier in the day. It was very relaxing to sit outside and enjoy good company and catchup without needing to feed little people at the same time. I realised I can survive without my "handbag" the kids. We ended up staying for the afternoon and dinner at H parents place, it was too much fun so the Revolutionary R decided afternoon sleep was not necessary we are suffering at present. She has been crying for the past hour. Fingers crossed tonight will be better then last night. RR decided to keep her weary mum up from 2.30-4.30am. I should be in bed but my desire to feel normal and just sit on the couch overpowered what I should really be doing!

A special thanks to my sister-in law who lent me a crochet book, with a teach yourself section on different stitches which I am going to attempt not saying when but hoping to someday soon! What do they say about the best laid plans, well with kids you should always plan ahead, but sometimes they don't allow your planning ahead to always happen. We are mean't to be catching up with some more friends tomorrow night and have been trying to do so since March, but kid illnesses keep on conflicting, the joys of Preschool I have been told.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Girls who love dirt

It has been a beautiful week weather wise so we have been out and about. Yesterday was another fun morning with the girls, which ended in baths at lunchtime. They and there friends decided to play with bark and dirt. Their feet were black as were their clothes but the laughter that occurred in getting that way was awesome.

It has been an important week for Revolutionary R and so this post is going to reflect on her. Last Thursday she turned 18 months and so it was an exciting but sad day, with the realization that our baby is now a toddler! RR had her immunisation on Friday and to our amazement didn't even cry (as a parent you don't want them to cry but you also wonder why if they don't).

RR now says 6 words confidentially (I sound like a school teacher). They are: Mummy, Daddy, Teddy, Hello, More, Up. Her comprehension has skyrocketed with putting shoes on, bringing items to us when we ask, following some instructions when she feels like it. RR can turn around, crouch, dance and walk backwards. She is a daredevil and will climb anything she can. Her desire at present is to sit on adults seats or go running up and down the couch (not something I encourage as I freakout quietly and sometimes loudly when I see her). I almost forgot to mention that she has been feeding herself, using a spoon and a fork for a few months now. She still likes to put food through her hair but that helps give it a nice gloss.

We took RR for her developmental milestone checkup yesterday and she got all boxes ticked. She is still growing rapidly measuring 88cm in height and 13.2kg in weight, she is quite a distance past the 100%. I asked the midwife yesterday if that mean't she was still going to be tall and she said you double their height at 2. So at this stage Empress E will be 6ft (she was 85.5cm) at the same age and RR is definitely going to be slightly taller. She now has a full set of teeth which she has practised using on EE much to her and my horror and has bitten her tongue and fingers herself so has had a big indication of what it feels like.

It is certainly a very busy time ensuring our adventurer is not doing to much mountaineering or causing to many more grey hairs to appear on my head.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Why was my trash not someones treasure?

Why was I busy and exhausted. Had the usual day to day of caring for a very active family. Parks to visit, kids to entertain, dance lessons, my 'paid' work to be done and mouths to feed. I really made an effort with dinner. H has been working extremely hard, off to work again today, for the 6th Sunday in a row, so we basically both have a six day working week...can't wait till we have a 2 day weekend. Anyhow getting back to the reward of hardwork in the kitchen, I was told that H uses his mothers Beef Stroganoff as a benchmark for the best he has ever had. He said and I say it with my chest held high that mine was now the best he had now had...very exciting news!

The exhaustion of the week was added to by the decision to have a 3 household combined garage sale at our house...was it a good idea...was it worth it... It is amazing the emotional turmoil you go through with watching people handle and comment on items that you once treasured. There is the excitement of will they actually buy it, or the dread of a bad comment about your little treasure. Overall it was successful, with the surprise of having 4 people I have meet over the years through work and the kids and the previous owner of our house attend. I sold the most but made the least out of the 3 households. I was priced to sell!

H and the kids Grandfather played with the little ones in the backyard, it was a glorious day and the cousins had a ball, doing chalk drawings even Revolutionary R, got covered in chalk dust. So the garage sale was worth it as a result of the sheer bonding value of all involved...A special thanks to H for all his hard work on his one and only day off.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Teddy now has his bed

I have been quiet on the blogfront as we have had a very busy few days since Tuesday.

Empress Es behaviour has been good and so she earned the privilege of teddy getting his bed back. She told me tonight that she was really happy that teddy now had his bed back to sleep in. Teddys' blanket was my second ever crochet project and what makes me smile is knowing that my daughter loves tucking teddy into bed and enjoys playing with the blanket. The pattern was made up, and the wool is recycled bought from St Vinnies.

I will write more tomorrow when I a feel more rested after an exhausting 5 days.