Friday, August 10, 2007

Girls who love dirt

It has been a beautiful week weather wise so we have been out and about. Yesterday was another fun morning with the girls, which ended in baths at lunchtime. They and there friends decided to play with bark and dirt. Their feet were black as were their clothes but the laughter that occurred in getting that way was awesome.

It has been an important week for Revolutionary R and so this post is going to reflect on her. Last Thursday she turned 18 months and so it was an exciting but sad day, with the realization that our baby is now a toddler! RR had her immunisation on Friday and to our amazement didn't even cry (as a parent you don't want them to cry but you also wonder why if they don't).

RR now says 6 words confidentially (I sound like a school teacher). They are: Mummy, Daddy, Teddy, Hello, More, Up. Her comprehension has skyrocketed with putting shoes on, bringing items to us when we ask, following some instructions when she feels like it. RR can turn around, crouch, dance and walk backwards. She is a daredevil and will climb anything she can. Her desire at present is to sit on adults seats or go running up and down the couch (not something I encourage as I freakout quietly and sometimes loudly when I see her). I almost forgot to mention that she has been feeding herself, using a spoon and a fork for a few months now. She still likes to put food through her hair but that helps give it a nice gloss.

We took RR for her developmental milestone checkup yesterday and she got all boxes ticked. She is still growing rapidly measuring 88cm in height and 13.2kg in weight, she is quite a distance past the 100%. I asked the midwife yesterday if that mean't she was still going to be tall and she said you double their height at 2. So at this stage Empress E will be 6ft (she was 85.5cm) at the same age and RR is definitely going to be slightly taller. She now has a full set of teeth which she has practised using on EE much to her and my horror and has bitten her tongue and fingers herself so has had a big indication of what it feels like.

It is certainly a very busy time ensuring our adventurer is not doing to much mountaineering or causing to many more grey hairs to appear on my head.

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Soph said...

RR was very brave (re:immunisation)... She always looked very happy and content when we see her:)