Monday, August 20, 2007

Life full of Gooey little Surprises

The last few days also have included a few firsts; RR had her first ever Apple Juice Poppa, now can say NO to EVERYTHING. I babysat my niece and nephew yesterday for the day an unexpected event. So while H worked for the 8th weekend in a row - not that I am counting and it is obvious that I am. Poor thing is working 7 days straight! I worked by looking after 4 kids inside on a very rainy day. There was chaos, laughter and more laughter. They played cubby houses under the kitchen table, this included role playing. My Niece was the mummy and EE was the baby very very interesting to hear mine and my sisters communication skills coming out! I then got a large sheet of butchers paper out and traced round the kids one on top of each other so they could see the height difference. They then sat there colouring in there silohuettes and adding pictures to the background. Anyhow they stayed for 5 hours, can't remember sitting down at all during that time.

I got a call from my sister that night to tell me the GOOD NEWS NOT, nephew R had suspected conjunctivitis (highly contagious gooey, yucky pink-eye infection) and to warn me that it may go through our house. Excellent not the Thank You gift I was after for babysitting. EE right on schedule 10pm on Sunday night woke up screaming YES gooey eye had reached us. So this morning we were off to the doctors for confirmation and medicine. Drops 4 times a day. EE is actually being a really good girl when I try and get it in her eyes. Not good with following her mothers screeching instructions of don't go near your sister, don't touch her...etc So this week there will be no Preschool, apparently head lice is doing the rounds at her school at the moment so for her not to be there is probably a really good timing.

Would have included a picture of a pink gooey eye but that would have been really bad taste

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Rose Red said...

I was hoping the gooey surprise was going to be a box of soft-centred chocolates. Sigh. Much less exciting than that. Hope it clears up soon.