Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Do you ever have one of those days?

Been a funny sort of inevitable days, one of those leaving me wondering how do you explain to kids about death?

We have been friends with a lovely old lady and now her daughter for a few years. We met out walking she would walk her dog I would walk EE. She would come round at Christmas, Easter, Birthdays and always made a fuss of the kids. As she got older and couldn't walk up the hill her daughter would drive her round to see us or I would take the kids for a walk past to say hello. She brightened up my days as I hope we did hers.

She was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer a couple of months ago it had gone to far at that stage. Her daughter made the decision to bring her home and let her spend her last months surrounded by family and friends. I feared something had happened last night as I heard sirens, it was not theres but I drove past there house today and saw there were a lot of cars. My fears were made reality when her daughter dropped round to tell me that Betty had passed away at 2am. She had a teddy for each of the girls, the teddies had belonged to Betty.

I have shead a few tears and told EE that Betty is now in heaven, but I have had to remain composed as not to frighten them.
The whole explanation of death is such a tricky thing.

We are so much better for having known Betty and I know we will continue our friendship with Kerrie.

Sorry this blog entry is such a downer but it is all part of the healing process.

Hopefully laughter will prevail soon.

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Rose Red said...

Sorry to hear about Betty lovey, hope you're all doing ok.