Sunday, August 5, 2007

Why was my trash not someones treasure?

Why was I busy and exhausted. Had the usual day to day of caring for a very active family. Parks to visit, kids to entertain, dance lessons, my 'paid' work to be done and mouths to feed. I really made an effort with dinner. H has been working extremely hard, off to work again today, for the 6th Sunday in a row, so we basically both have a six day working week...can't wait till we have a 2 day weekend. Anyhow getting back to the reward of hardwork in the kitchen, I was told that H uses his mothers Beef Stroganoff as a benchmark for the best he has ever had. He said and I say it with my chest held high that mine was now the best he had now had...very exciting news!

The exhaustion of the week was added to by the decision to have a 3 household combined garage sale at our house...was it a good idea...was it worth it... It is amazing the emotional turmoil you go through with watching people handle and comment on items that you once treasured. There is the excitement of will they actually buy it, or the dread of a bad comment about your little treasure. Overall it was successful, with the surprise of having 4 people I have meet over the years through work and the kids and the previous owner of our house attend. I sold the most but made the least out of the 3 households. I was priced to sell!

H and the kids Grandfather played with the little ones in the backyard, it was a glorious day and the cousins had a ball, doing chalk drawings even Revolutionary R, got covered in chalk dust. So the garage sale was worth it as a result of the sheer bonding value of all involved...A special thanks to H for all his hard work on his one and only day off.

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Soph said...

Sounds like a busy but fruitful day!