Friday, August 31, 2007

Time Warp

H and I went through some photos of young EE from 2 years ago and came across these. I made the superhero outfit for her cousin Js 4th Birthday party. I had, had difficulty finding a SuperHero outfit to fit an 18 month old. The cape was made from a tshirt I had in my cupboard which I thought looked good on but got feedback from my sister who told me it didn't look the best. EE still wears the t-shirt now.

I was saying to H not sure if I am going to continue blogging don't feel all that inspiring at present. He said well you haven't posted much craft recently. I just thought I would remind him why, based on an outline of my day. Wednesday morning/afternoon donated my time and energy into helping my friend down the road by looking after her son till 3pm. While having two additional kids and adults plus my own to feed and water and feed and water continually. Visitors left and babysitting over, I got changed to take the kids to Bettys wake. Home again bath time, dinner preparation, more feeding, reading time, cleaning time. Then sat down to do work for 5 different clients all requiring work at the same time. Gee I wonder why I didn't have time for craft.

Really felt like I lived in an alternative universe yesterday. Walked to the local park with the kids. Too gorgeous a day to drive, only to find that the park was closed for maintenance - no warning...grrrrrrrrrrrrrh, had to distill the disappointment on mother and kid. Friend rang who I usually see to tell me not coming as husband had taken the day off and had taken her out for breakfast and then wait for it, taking her away for a mystery weekend, no kids, flying North to a destination she would find out at the airport...

Photo of RR from yesterday she loves looking at books.


Rose Red said...

A pleasing use of red in E's outfit!!

You can blog as much or as little as you like - if you only want to do it once a month, that's all you need to do!

Sophia said...

oh don't stop...... don't feel you have to write anything if you are busy... tell that over-worked husband of yours that I think you both need a holiday! We are thinking of a 'change-of-scenary' weekend somewhere ourselves and we are not even working very hard hehe:)
from Si and So