Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Yellow and Purple make a Burgundy SHOESday

Today is the day that Rose Red has made Purple SHOESday. Anyhow in the absence of me owning any purple shoes and feeling somewhat dowdy when I go to the wardrobe, I am instead going to display a nice pair of sensible walking shoes purchased 20 years ago during my first UK trip. I am so proud of these shoes that they have lasted.

Really need to go and get some dressy shoes, have no event to wear them to but I guess I could walk out the door to pick the mail up. All my shoes have become flat, easy to clean, kid friendly type, where it doesn't matter if you get food or other gross kid related items on them.

I mentioned the other day that I really wanted to get my haircut in the absence of having any babysitters I took the kids with me. R made herself known through lots of loud noises, E tried to play mummy by trying to calm her down. We survived and I got my hair cut at least 15cm off unfortunately no-one but H has noticed. Maybe I didn't need the hair cut after all! Anyhow I survived and maybe if feeling energetic will get it cut again within the next year.

I thought I better include a pic of the yellow outfit. I just love the brightness of the colours - a real pick yourself up when your feeling down fabric. How cool is the pinnie to have a pocket for 3-legged!

Monday, September 24, 2007


Yesterday certainly lived upto its name of FUNday. It was our first ever fete where we had a connection to the school. The school community involvement was amazing. The sausages sizzled, the kids smiled and laughter could be heard.

It will be interesting to see how much was money was raised. The Preschool is community based, they rely heavily on fundraising, so fingers crossed they achieved their financial goal.

H had to accompany E on a teacup ride, enough to make your tummy turn, going round and round. The things you do for daughterly love. It was great to be able to show Hs family where E goes to school and it was special to be there as a bigger extended family having fun together.

In the afternoon we did some gardening with a little bit of help from E, while R slept. Much to my horror E took to our beautiful Arran Lilies with a pair of scissors, fortunately I noticed before she got to the flowers. She had started to de-leaf it.

Tomorrow is a big day, not only is it SHOEday but it is also a day where YELLOW is the colour of choice. For Es last day before she starts her school holidays they are having a themed day of YELLOW. We have yellow undies, ribbon, hat, t-shirt, pinnie dress, drink bottle and morning tea bag, she also had to take in a yellow toy. Parents/Guardians had a competition where we had to name any songs we knew with the word yellow in them. We got 4, we were not allowed to use the internet. Can you guess what we got?

Must go early to bed again, have either a) sinus issues (hayfever) b) cold (after a week of only 4 hours sleep nightly) c) a desire to be tucked into bed and looked after instead of always being the looker afterer.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Wishes granted at the throw of a dice

Today was the annual garden party at the nearby girls school. The grounds are absolutely beautiful, from our outside deck we see the school chapel which daughter E refers to as a Castle! We estimated that if we sent our girls from year 7-12 it would be the equivalent of a small house based on 2007 fees.

At their secondhand stall I purchased a bit of fun in the form of this game. I loved the retro feel and for $1 I thought why not. How times have changed when it was acceptable to be able to wish to be: a ballerina/model/teacher/nurse or air stewardess.

I absolutely love the clothes - how cool would it be to have a wardrobe so beautifully tailored and the events to wear them.
Ah to be a Princess Ballerina, so much more romantic then a BRATZ doll which I think are really style lacking.

I hope that whoever takes the time to read my blog is granted their wish for work/life and play!

And on the playful side here is a picture of my very yellow coconut ice made especially for Es Preschool Funday tomorrow.
I was under a bit of pressure to complete a slice or cake. Had put my name down for sticky date puddings prior to remembering that my oven door won't close. Went into freakout/flipout mode, what am I going to do. Couldn't make anything with nuts due to ALLERGIES, needed to make something stovetop. Good old Stephanie Alexander to the rescue. E was trying to cook with me, a recipe for a great big gigantic mess, especially when using icing sugar. Needless to say got confused and wondered why the mixture was turning yellow, then noticed I had used the yellow colouring instead of red oh well still tasted yummy. Turned it round by highlighting the fact that it was YELLOW CLASS Coconut Ice. E attends a Preschool where there are 4 classes, red, blue, yellow and green. Hopefully yellow will be the new pink and all will be sold tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

SHOESday thanks to Rose Red

Rose Red made it officially SHOESday today last week so I thought I better oblige. Here is a pic of my wedding shoes worn only once almost eight years ago now. Hoping one day in the next twenty odd years that one of the girls will wear them at their wedding. By then they will be retro vintage. I used to be called SHOE as I prior to having a family bought shoes every month. I am called SNOOZEN as I fall asleep in the cinema or at friends place my staying power is not great, having said that I am having great difficulty sleeping from 4-7am due to repeatedly being woken during this time. I loved my wedding shoes they were very traditional but hey in so many ways that is me. Traditional with an arty edge.

My eldest daughter loves these shoes. The condition of them is going downhill very quickly as they get worn with every possible outfit. She played with her friends down the road yesterday afternoon after Preschool and had to change out of her sensible play boots, to princess ballerinas as they are named. It didn't matter that she had paint all over her leggings, dress, jacket as long as her shoes sparkled. E also wore these shoes to Bettys wake a couple of weeks ago.

This dress was given to E by her grandma and she loves it and looks really lovely in it. I am going to attempt to make a half crochetted half sewn dress for young E or young R. This is just a teaser as to what is happening in my crochet world. Update on the granny square about 60cm across, but not sure what I am going to do with it. Thought I would make a blanket/bedspread but h said aren't they mean't to be rectangular not square so not sure. I think it will be an undo job and start again.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

A high achievement week

We had a funny sort of week with both girls sick AGAIN when oh when is this sickness bug going to leave the house. So no Preschool for EE, I had to entertain and keep them and me from going insane! One thing that I did was cut out various shapes for EE to paint, she enjoyed it BUT of course there is always a BUT. I had alot of work on this week and was talking to a client in our formal lounge when she approached with hands covered thickly with blue paint I said in what started off calmly don't touch anything to DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING while still trying to talk to a client while handling a problem at her end. Later when I was bathing them realised I hadn't actually had a chance to visit the bathroom since 6am that morning it was 6pm and I found paint on the sink, floor, door, handles...I took on the role of beserko mother but then took a step back and thought hey what I should be saying is if this happens then tell me straight away before it dries and leaks into the formica! Oh if only my brain worked before my mouth.

We went to the local park on Thursday as not many kids frequent it so I though no chance of contamination. It was closed yet again for maintenance we instead had a great picnic, the joys of trying to change disappointment into happiness for little cherubs. RR had her first frothy, what have I started...soon there will be can I have my frothy slightly warmed full milk please with no lid.

H took yesterday off work to look after the girls. What a beautiful day to do so, the sun shone brightly as did their smiles. We went and watched EE dance at ballet, what fun it is to watch. They are going to be Bluebirds in Cinderella at the end of year concert, complete with full on fru fru tutus. She was so excited about watching daddy watching that she was dancing and waving and totally missed her place just, I am sure an insight into the Concert with little ones going in all directions.

In the afternoon I went to my younger sisters graduation with my twin sister. It was a proud moment for the two of us seeing her get her Masters. She was in famous company as Paul Keating was in the audience as his daughter also graduated in the same ceremony.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Introduction to my new friend Granny quite square

My Hs Aunt had a go at teaching me how to crochet a Granny Square. Very very excited as I have never done this before. I am trying new stitches around the edge, not sure what it is going to be but I am having fun.

So stay tuned the mystery will unfold, will it be a cushion cover, blanket, something for teddy or just a bit of fun to be unravelled later?

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Minature snow people

We decided to take advantage of the long weekend in Sydney and travel 6 hours south to the snow. We are lucky enough to have an elderly aunt living right near Jindabyne. We seemed to go through so many seasons in the day to get there. The traffic was extremely heavy both going and returning and when we were 115kms from home our eldest daughter decided to vomit up chocolate tiny teddies. Last night she had a fever so woke every hour screaming. I was worried about h not getting any sleep, so I ended up going into her room and sleeping on the floor, so it was a very very cold long night. Off to bed shortly but wanted to add some fun snow photos to my blog.

We visited Thredbo yesterday and made the smallest snowman we have ever made. The snow fields were very busy, but I enjoyed the experience of watching our daughters have their first ever snow experience. We had snow ball or should I say snow shower fights. Our goal had been to take the kids let them touch snow and have a play so it was a very successful trip away. Thanks H for all your amazing driving under at times trying conditions.

On the craft front I asked Aunt E to teach me how to crochet granny squares so I am very excited that I understand the concept of that. Want to learn so much more...so much ambition but at present...so little time.

It was wonderful to try something new with the kidlings and come back feeling refreshed as a family and having more fun memories to look back on.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Food for the Sole

Today I discovered something really unusual after picking up a pair of my shoes that RR had been wearing to put them back into the wardrobe. Something or should I say someone had been eating the Sole! Shame as I only wear them a couple of times a year when we go out...a good excuse for me to get some new SOLE into my life.

Monday, September 3, 2007

My portable office

It was a gorgeous day yesterday. Happy Fathers Day to all those concerned. Especially a big heartfelt Fathers Day to H. We had a lovely lovely day. EE and I prepared breakfast in bed, scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, oven-roasted tomatoes on spinach and cheese bread with fresh orange juice, a newspaper on the side and no kids after a morning cuddle.

Hs family arrived for brunch, pies, quiche, strudel, tea, coffee, and laughter all on the menu. EE had to get changed into her wedding dress to marry Opa for the 60 millionth time. One of the stories we told Hs family was discovering young R in the bathroom, the problem with having one toilet trained and the other too little. We close the door but EE has a habit of leaving it after she finishes. H found RR in there fingers in the toilet bowl, putting her hands in and out of the bowl in between licking them clean. Yuck Yuck and double yuck.

I had work to do and feel guilty as I still have part of it to do but was really tired after a weekend of very little sleep, so did what I could till 11pm last night then thought I better sleep as we have parent/teacher meeting this morning and must be able to communicate with teacher. Anyhow I started doing some work while the kids played in the backyard. How cool is this to have a portable go anywhere office. But then you have to be able to drop the office and run if necessary.

Special thanks to Rose Red and Sophia for your words of encouragement.