Saturday, September 22, 2007

Wishes granted at the throw of a dice

Today was the annual garden party at the nearby girls school. The grounds are absolutely beautiful, from our outside deck we see the school chapel which daughter E refers to as a Castle! We estimated that if we sent our girls from year 7-12 it would be the equivalent of a small house based on 2007 fees.

At their secondhand stall I purchased a bit of fun in the form of this game. I loved the retro feel and for $1 I thought why not. How times have changed when it was acceptable to be able to wish to be: a ballerina/model/teacher/nurse or air stewardess.

I absolutely love the clothes - how cool would it be to have a wardrobe so beautifully tailored and the events to wear them.
Ah to be a Princess Ballerina, so much more romantic then a BRATZ doll which I think are really style lacking.

I hope that whoever takes the time to read my blog is granted their wish for work/life and play!

And on the playful side here is a picture of my very yellow coconut ice made especially for Es Preschool Funday tomorrow.
I was under a bit of pressure to complete a slice or cake. Had put my name down for sticky date puddings prior to remembering that my oven door won't close. Went into freakout/flipout mode, what am I going to do. Couldn't make anything with nuts due to ALLERGIES, needed to make something stovetop. Good old Stephanie Alexander to the rescue. E was trying to cook with me, a recipe for a great big gigantic mess, especially when using icing sugar. Needless to say got confused and wondered why the mixture was turning yellow, then noticed I had used the yellow colouring instead of red oh well still tasted yummy. Turned it round by highlighting the fact that it was YELLOW CLASS Coconut Ice. E attends a Preschool where there are 4 classes, red, blue, yellow and green. Hopefully yellow will be the new pink and all will be sold tomorrow.


Alabaster said...

Well, the coconut ice tasted delicious. In fact, the yellow colour just made it seem even more tropical than usual! :)

Rose Red said...

Coconut ice - good idea!

I think it's still ok to wish to be a ballerina, air hostess etc - it's just that there are so many more options than there used to be - so it is equally ok for girls to wish to be an astronaut or a doctor or a lion tamer!

Love those clothes and agree with you on the Bratz. Sigh!

Sophia said...

The ice cream looks lovely. On a hot day like this, I'm sure it'll be very popular!