Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Yellow and Purple make a Burgundy SHOESday

Today is the day that Rose Red has made Purple SHOESday. Anyhow in the absence of me owning any purple shoes and feeling somewhat dowdy when I go to the wardrobe, I am instead going to display a nice pair of sensible walking shoes purchased 20 years ago during my first UK trip. I am so proud of these shoes that they have lasted.

Really need to go and get some dressy shoes, have no event to wear them to but I guess I could walk out the door to pick the mail up. All my shoes have become flat, easy to clean, kid friendly type, where it doesn't matter if you get food or other gross kid related items on them.

I mentioned the other day that I really wanted to get my haircut in the absence of having any babysitters I took the kids with me. R made herself known through lots of loud noises, E tried to play mummy by trying to calm her down. We survived and I got my hair cut at least 15cm off unfortunately no-one but H has noticed. Maybe I didn't need the hair cut after all! Anyhow I survived and maybe if feeling energetic will get it cut again within the next year.

I thought I better include a pic of the yellow outfit. I just love the brightness of the colours - a real pick yourself up when your feeling down fabric. How cool is the pinnie to have a pocket for 3-legged!

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