Saturday, September 15, 2007

A high achievement week

We had a funny sort of week with both girls sick AGAIN when oh when is this sickness bug going to leave the house. So no Preschool for EE, I had to entertain and keep them and me from going insane! One thing that I did was cut out various shapes for EE to paint, she enjoyed it BUT of course there is always a BUT. I had alot of work on this week and was talking to a client in our formal lounge when she approached with hands covered thickly with blue paint I said in what started off calmly don't touch anything to DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING while still trying to talk to a client while handling a problem at her end. Later when I was bathing them realised I hadn't actually had a chance to visit the bathroom since 6am that morning it was 6pm and I found paint on the sink, floor, door, handles...I took on the role of beserko mother but then took a step back and thought hey what I should be saying is if this happens then tell me straight away before it dries and leaks into the formica! Oh if only my brain worked before my mouth.

We went to the local park on Thursday as not many kids frequent it so I though no chance of contamination. It was closed yet again for maintenance we instead had a great picnic, the joys of trying to change disappointment into happiness for little cherubs. RR had her first frothy, what have I started...soon there will be can I have my frothy slightly warmed full milk please with no lid.

H took yesterday off work to look after the girls. What a beautiful day to do so, the sun shone brightly as did their smiles. We went and watched EE dance at ballet, what fun it is to watch. They are going to be Bluebirds in Cinderella at the end of year concert, complete with full on fru fru tutus. She was so excited about watching daddy watching that she was dancing and waving and totally missed her place just, I am sure an insight into the Concert with little ones going in all directions.

In the afternoon I went to my younger sisters graduation with my twin sister. It was a proud moment for the two of us seeing her get her Masters. She was in famous company as Paul Keating was in the audience as his daughter also graduated in the same ceremony.

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Rose Red said...

Congratulations to J - how exciting for her!