Sunday, September 9, 2007

Minature snow people

We decided to take advantage of the long weekend in Sydney and travel 6 hours south to the snow. We are lucky enough to have an elderly aunt living right near Jindabyne. We seemed to go through so many seasons in the day to get there. The traffic was extremely heavy both going and returning and when we were 115kms from home our eldest daughter decided to vomit up chocolate tiny teddies. Last night she had a fever so woke every hour screaming. I was worried about h not getting any sleep, so I ended up going into her room and sleeping on the floor, so it was a very very cold long night. Off to bed shortly but wanted to add some fun snow photos to my blog.

We visited Thredbo yesterday and made the smallest snowman we have ever made. The snow fields were very busy, but I enjoyed the experience of watching our daughters have their first ever snow experience. We had snow ball or should I say snow shower fights. Our goal had been to take the kids let them touch snow and have a play so it was a very successful trip away. Thanks H for all your amazing driving under at times trying conditions.

On the craft front I asked Aunt E to teach me how to crochet granny squares so I am very excited that I understand the concept of that. Want to learn so much much ambition but at little time.

It was wonderful to try something new with the kidlings and come back feeling refreshed as a family and having more fun memories to look back on.

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Sophia said...

Hey it sounds like a fun holiday! It's amazing what a short break can do. Have a good week!