Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas lights

We have visited 2 suburbs with the kids over the past 2 nights to view Christmas lights. What absolute joy they bring. E was beside herself with excitement and so it really caught on with R just gorgeous.

Had a wonderful evening last night with Hs family. A big seafood feast was had and we exchanged gifts. I will post an obscene gift image once we have finished the big exchange with my family today. I made homemade Christmas Crackers and they went down a treat, really simple contents of bubble bath for the girls, rubbery finger monster puppets for the boys, a candy cane and a Wooden Christmas ornament for all. I also included a little ball and a balloon for the little girls. We had homemade and bought party hats.

Yesterday we also had a last minute supply visit to the shops. Santa was still there so E got a last minute chat. It was absolutely gorgeous to witness. She told him she wanted a wind up spider that she could put on her and it would climb up and tickle her. He wisley said she may get a lovely surprise. We have bought her a fishing rod as that is what she had been asking for. She can play pretend fishing from the deck and cubby house. She told Santa at th end that he could come to her party. The amount of people is exploding and I am getting quitely nervous. Wanted a little low key affair, garden not ready, no oven, oh well heres' to surviving Christmas Day first.

Merry Christmas to everyone that reads my blog.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A lovely surprise

Yesterday you all know from my previous post it was Party day at Preschool. I arrived back with the girls after going to our favourite little shops (needed to get some birthday party supplies for E - her birthday is early January but alot of our favourite shops are closed till 7th which is to late). Anyhow I have been putting together goodie bags and sourcing decorations, no wonder I am energy zapped.

I noticed a coffee van pull up outside our house there are 3 coffee places I visit each week, a Monday one, a Tuesday one and a Friday one (so I don't spend alot of money a week at any of them). The Friday one is opposite Ballet and run by a husband and wife, we have certainly had our share of tantrums and tiaras, as well as exploding babycinos in their premises. The couple always make a fuss of the girls, little extra marshmallows etc. I sent them a Christmas Card from E and R to say thank you and the wife arrived yesterday with a special Angel for Evie to put on the tree and a teddy bear snow dome for both to admire (will photograph and post later). The nicest thing was that she wrote a card for them saying to my favourite customers, thank you for bringing your magical world into our shop, it brightens our day. How lovely is that!

Funny things that R has done recently

On a completely different note there was a car accident two doors down on Monday afternoon, quite a bit of damage to both cars, tow trucks, police etc. I went for a walk to our wonderfully situated red letter box to finally send off the handmade Christmas decorations to the elderly Aunts. R was with me and saw all the people the only thing she was interested in was saying hi to everyone and waving needless to say she was the only one waving and shouting out hi.

R loves to see what is in her nappy says 'can I see' then 'errr yucky' and if she can get hold of the nappy throws it as she says yucky. Her favourite word at present is yucky refers to anything she is not interested in eating, not sure what that says about my cooking.

Christmas WIP
Need to finish Rs santa sack only started it last night, fingers crossed it will get done and have to tidy up Es one from last year. As well as the Santa stockings so many things so little time. Must go and do some sewing before the day starts.

A special Thanks to Sophia for your words of encouragement yesterday just when I needed them!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I need positive energy

It is 5.30 in the morning and after being up twice during the night with R, I am about to do some paid design work before I start my family work. I need loads of positive energy to overcome my great desire but inability to sleep. Last night there was the preparation of teachers presents and Candy cane cards for all class members (18 of them), not sure of the etiquette of cards and 3-4 year old but E started to get cards yesterday so I thought I better oblige and hey she will get a buzz out of it.

Anyhow just think positivity and I am sure you will help me feel energized.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Many Firsts

H had Friday, Saturday and Sunday off a 1st in the past few months. Excitement and joy filled our house. We were all in need of Hs company. Welcome back H, we missed you. What a great early Christmas present. So after 5 months I now have my H back in the weekends. Working between Chrissie and New Year but at least he is back... yippppeee

We celebrated by watching E at her last Ballet lesson for the year, having our first ever Santa photo with the 4 of us! and most importantly R getting her 1st ever haircut from H. Eldest daughter E took the photo, I was holding her hands to stop them from getting trimmed with the scissors. We now have the important 1st lock of hair for both of them.

On Saturday went to the Botanical Gardens with my family for my younger sisters birthday. It was a lovely warm afternoon, complete with great food and then drove around town to show the kid lings Christmas decorations. It was the 1st time that the kids had been to a park with there Grandparents. So another lovely first.

On Sunday a neighbouring street had there annual Street Christmas Party we were included. It was a really lovely evening surrounded by such wonderful neighbours and to feel like a real community was very joyful.

So many firsts and so many more to come...and share with others

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas PaperCraft

I have made these Christmas Angel cutouts for the girls and our bedroom doors and also for Rs bedroom window near her change table. I also placed them on the top panel of our back door. Really simple but have quite a striking affect.

All you need to do is have a master one cutout of cardboard then trace round them and you can make as many as you like or even make them into Angel Chains, might try that one with E tomorrow just thought of it. Today I made the Angels into Christmas ornaments to send to Hs Aunts. One is not well at the moment and even though I have already gifted to them, I wanted to send them something to make them smile while they are down. I used the Christmas paper that they wrapped Es Christmas present in to make ornaments for them and cut the halos out this time which is fiddely but looked good. So you are not limited by stock or what you have on hand you can do anything.

An idea for kids, we saved the box that their present came in including the brown wrapping with stamps and they call it their Christmas box. They have been using it to wrap there make believe presents and give them to each other. We also have a fake santa sack to play with.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Dress

I have been working on a Christmas dress over the past few days for E. It is made of remnants of material. A slip cover from a chair, an old Christmas Dress that was mine, embroidery cotton from St Vinnies and new flowers from the local craft shop.

Time taken 3 days (not entire days, just evenings and early mornings), Completely hand sewn using chain stitch WHY because it looked nice. The flowers were already sewn onto elastic makes an easy pretty Chrissy headband. Have some burgundy and gold elasticised flowers for R. She already has a handmade Chrissy dress courtesy of the neighbours hand me downs. Will post more later have put my shoulder out so limited typing possible at present.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Elves behaving nicely

Last Tuesday eldest daughter E had a singalong at Preschool, followed by a picnic. I attended with youngest daughter R thinking that it was suitable to bring her along. It was not suitable as it was her class performing for parents and not us singing with the kids dohl. Needless to say that it was difficult to keep the youngest one from joining in. Sad but true, tried putting her on the floor to sit with the class and the teacher said wheres' your mummy. SO unfortunately it just ended up being a wrestling match for an hour. But on the bright side E had made a giant Christmas cracker and I said we would save it to take home for her to open with daddy. She had drawn a lovely family portrait (including our cat Toby) which they made into a Calendar - things that make you go aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.

On Friday I was ironing Hs shirt in the morning and E said wait, I need to iron with you. I like the addition of Rocking Reindeer as a seat, very resourceful.

I went to the local charity store after Ballet on Friday and got for dress-ups, Santa hats, Reindeer antlers, a table soccer game, a bright retro handbag for ME... amongst a few items. The lady gave to the girls a couple of stuffed Christmas toys and a bag of baubles. R loves the Baubles and especially decorating herself while jumping on the couch.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Facts on Figures

Since I had my second child I have now lost 10 kilos. Exciting stuff gone beyond my goal weight loss, I think it is a result of continually feeding people so you never get to sit down and eat yourself. I can't remember when I last weighed what I weigh now, maybe when I was 18. Mum had a pair of 501s from then and I can comfortably fit them. No lying on the bed and trying to struggle into my jeans. Weighed both daughters and youngest weighs a nice weight of 13.5 kilos, oldest weighs 17 kilos and as of yesterday morning I was an exciting weight of 58.5. I have been trying to break below the 60 kilo mark and it finally happened. Have kids, have stress and there you go.

Anyhow just bought myself a treat mini cheesecake why because I deserve it. No photos as both kids were demanding a bit of it so I had to eat it in extreme haste. Went to the local butchers and to get supplies for a neighbourhood visit tomorrow, extreme stress caused by eldest daughter who has just been injected with a dose of won't listen to mummy at all while out in public or at home. Terrible twos (they weren't bad) Trying threes' (more manageable). I say fiesty fours thats where we are heading bring them on. I am fit and ready and will take no fiery four year old behaviour!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Bluebirds have flown

Last night we went to our oldest daughters stage debut. She played a Bluebird in the ballet production of Cinderella.

Seeing if our cat Toby was interested in this BIG bird! He was happy being on the other side of the glass!

Wearing the costume on a scooter when she wasn't even mean't to wear it prior to the performance. I was stressed but I guess encouraged her by taking a photo, so who is leading by example not me!

On the list of how the hair, make up (yes make up for a three year old) was to be done they said foundation, blue eye shadow, blush and red lipstick. Needless to say there was a touch of eye shadow, a touch of lipstick couldn't bring myself to do anything else too disturbing on kids that age. E managed to fall off a stool the same height as her just prior to her debut so there was howling, and any evidence of eye shadow was soon removed and smeared across her face!

Youngest daughter also attended and I was kept busy and exhausted through the performance, wrestling, dancing and trying to pacify her desire to be on stage with the big girls. The picture shows R and her Opa. R wore a tutu not to be outdone by the big girls.

Back to E, H was anxious for her but she proved him to have no need to worry by performing beautifully and confidentially. Made our hearts sing as we are both terribly shy so to see our daughter confidentially dance in front of 900 people was truly awesome. I hope her confidence does not get stomped on and she continues to soar and be and do whatever she wants.

Christmas cake, still interested when you hear how old it is?

My mum has been looking after two tiers of our wedding cake for almost 8 years, well 8 next March. Apparently they are mean't to be used for Christenings. H doesn't believe in Christening so this hasn't happened. My mum kept on asking me if I wanted the cake which has been in her freezer. I thought why not use it as a Christmas Cake. Takes the stress away from making one and the kids get to enjoy a bit of wedding magic!

My mum made our wedding cake so it has always held a special place in my heart and a local lady who iced 2 of my sisters cakes did the icing. It was simple and we cut the cake to the sound of Bono and Pavorotti singing Miss Sarajevo. I think of that time whenever I hear the music and smile.

More wonderful memories are going to keep coming with the re-cutting of the wedding cake. Enjoy even only to savor the wonderful icing images. Well I think they are wonderful and have held up nicely over time and escaped freezer burn, must be reflective of our marriage which has also weathered many trials and tribulations.