Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas PaperCraft

I have made these Christmas Angel cutouts for the girls and our bedroom doors and also for Rs bedroom window near her change table. I also placed them on the top panel of our back door. Really simple but have quite a striking affect.

All you need to do is have a master one cutout of cardboard then trace round them and you can make as many as you like or even make them into Angel Chains, might try that one with E tomorrow just thought of it. Today I made the Angels into Christmas ornaments to send to Hs Aunts. One is not well at the moment and even though I have already gifted to them, I wanted to send them something to make them smile while they are down. I used the Christmas paper that they wrapped Es Christmas present in to make ornaments for them and cut the halos out this time which is fiddely but looked good. So you are not limited by stock or what you have on hand you can do anything.

An idea for kids, we saved the box that their present came in including the brown wrapping with stamps and they call it their Christmas box. They have been using it to wrap there make believe presents and give them to each other. We also have a fake santa sack to play with.

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Sophia said...

These Christmas cutouts must make the house look very festive! It's a good idea to involve kids with decorations. Have to try it with Lara later.