Monday, December 17, 2007

Many Firsts

H had Friday, Saturday and Sunday off a 1st in the past few months. Excitement and joy filled our house. We were all in need of Hs company. Welcome back H, we missed you. What a great early Christmas present. So after 5 months I now have my H back in the weekends. Working between Chrissie and New Year but at least he is back... yippppeee

We celebrated by watching E at her last Ballet lesson for the year, having our first ever Santa photo with the 4 of us! and most importantly R getting her 1st ever haircut from H. Eldest daughter E took the photo, I was holding her hands to stop them from getting trimmed with the scissors. We now have the important 1st lock of hair for both of them.

On Saturday went to the Botanical Gardens with my family for my younger sisters birthday. It was a lovely warm afternoon, complete with great food and then drove around town to show the kid lings Christmas decorations. It was the 1st time that the kids had been to a park with there Grandparents. So another lovely first.

On Sunday a neighbouring street had there annual Street Christmas Party we were included. It was a really lovely evening surrounded by such wonderful neighbours and to feel like a real community was very joyful.

So many firsts and so many more to come...and share with others


Sophia said...

The botanical garden trip looks nice, especially on a nice day (looked like a georgous day in the pics). The weather is a bit funny these days, hard to plan outdoor trip...

Hey glad you have your husband back... it's nice to have someone around so you can have a moment of peace, even if it's just 5 minutes!

Alabaster said...

It was wonderful to finally have a complete weekend with the fam, especially with the extra day off as well! Thanx my love for your lovely words!

B said...

glad you had "mr h" for the weekend ... I had a weekend too (just the two days) and it felt kinda strange. A very good strange, of course :-)