Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A lovely surprise

Yesterday you all know from my previous post it was Party day at Preschool. I arrived back with the girls after going to our favourite little shops (needed to get some birthday party supplies for E - her birthday is early January but alot of our favourite shops are closed till 7th which is to late). Anyhow I have been putting together goodie bags and sourcing decorations, no wonder I am energy zapped.

I noticed a coffee van pull up outside our house there are 3 coffee places I visit each week, a Monday one, a Tuesday one and a Friday one (so I don't spend alot of money a week at any of them). The Friday one is opposite Ballet and run by a husband and wife, we have certainly had our share of tantrums and tiaras, as well as exploding babycinos in their premises. The couple always make a fuss of the girls, little extra marshmallows etc. I sent them a Christmas Card from E and R to say thank you and the wife arrived yesterday with a special Angel for Evie to put on the tree and a teddy bear snow dome for both to admire (will photograph and post later). The nicest thing was that she wrote a card for them saying to my favourite customers, thank you for bringing your magical world into our shop, it brightens our day. How lovely is that!

Funny things that R has done recently

On a completely different note there was a car accident two doors down on Monday afternoon, quite a bit of damage to both cars, tow trucks, police etc. I went for a walk to our wonderfully situated red letter box to finally send off the handmade Christmas decorations to the elderly Aunts. R was with me and saw all the people the only thing she was interested in was saying hi to everyone and waving needless to say she was the only one waving and shouting out hi.

R loves to see what is in her nappy says 'can I see' then 'errr yucky' and if she can get hold of the nappy throws it as she says yucky. Her favourite word at present is yucky refers to anything she is not interested in eating, not sure what that says about my cooking.

Christmas WIP
Need to finish Rs santa sack only started it last night, fingers crossed it will get done and have to tidy up Es one from last year. As well as the Santa stockings so many things so little time. Must go and do some sewing before the day starts.

A special Thanks to Sophia for your words of encouragement yesterday just when I needed them!

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Rose Red said...

So nice of the coffee people - good karma hey!

*waves* Hi R!