Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Bluebirds have flown

Last night we went to our oldest daughters stage debut. She played a Bluebird in the ballet production of Cinderella.

Seeing if our cat Toby was interested in this BIG bird! He was happy being on the other side of the glass!

Wearing the costume on a scooter when she wasn't even mean't to wear it prior to the performance. I was stressed but I guess encouraged her by taking a photo, so who is leading by example not me!

On the list of how the hair, make up (yes make up for a three year old) was to be done they said foundation, blue eye shadow, blush and red lipstick. Needless to say there was a touch of eye shadow, a touch of lipstick couldn't bring myself to do anything else too disturbing on kids that age. E managed to fall off a stool the same height as her just prior to her debut so there was howling, and any evidence of eye shadow was soon removed and smeared across her face!

Youngest daughter also attended and I was kept busy and exhausted through the performance, wrestling, dancing and trying to pacify her desire to be on stage with the big girls. The picture shows R and her Opa. R wore a tutu not to be outdone by the big girls.

Back to E, H was anxious for her but she proved him to have no need to worry by performing beautifully and confidentially. Made our hearts sing as we are both terribly shy so to see our daughter confidentially dance in front of 900 people was truly awesome. I hope her confidence does not get stomped on and she continues to soar and be and do whatever she wants.


Fleat said...

Happy to hear E went so well, maybe this is the start of a life long career! :)

Rose Red said...

Cute outfit, no wonder she wanted to fly around in beforehand! I know what you mean about the makeup, it seems a bit much but actually is necessary because of the bright stage lights! Glad her performance went well!

Sophia said...

nice lovely blue dress.you must be really proud of her!