Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Christmas cake, still interested when you hear how old it is?

My mum has been looking after two tiers of our wedding cake for almost 8 years, well 8 next March. Apparently they are mean't to be used for Christenings. H doesn't believe in Christening so this hasn't happened. My mum kept on asking me if I wanted the cake which has been in her freezer. I thought why not use it as a Christmas Cake. Takes the stress away from making one and the kids get to enjoy a bit of wedding magic!

My mum made our wedding cake so it has always held a special place in my heart and a local lady who iced 2 of my sisters cakes did the icing. It was simple and we cut the cake to the sound of Bono and Pavorotti singing Miss Sarajevo. I think of that time whenever I hear the music and smile.

More wonderful memories are going to keep coming with the re-cutting of the wedding cake. Enjoy even only to savor the wonderful icing images. Well I think they are wonderful and have held up nicely over time and escaped freezer burn, must be reflective of our marriage which has also weathered many trials and tribulations.

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Fleat said...

Wow, that has held up well. Ours is sitting in the back of our pantry, hmmm haven't looked at it for a while, may not have held up quite as well, 6 and a half years on ...