Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A few of their favourite things

Every night our house becomes home to two princess ballerinas'. Empress E loves to wear as she calls them her glass slippers (to me they are plastic loud shoes, but that doesn't sound nearly as romantic) We also have to have a skirt that twirls and you can dance in. Apart from the skirt shown in the photo we also have a wardrobe fill of tutus', snow white dresses yes two, in different sizes and both have been known to wear them, we have a flowergirl dress that she wears as a wedding dress for those days that you feel like you must get married.

Her younger sister Revolutionary R has also taken to dress-ups, she seems to be interested in alot of things well before her big sister ever was. We are heavily into tutus' and fairy wings. During the day we can be found wandering round in my shoes while wearing her own or her sisters gumboots are an all time favourite. RR also likes to wear handbags round her neck, caps on backwards, my underwear (both top and bottom parts) as necklaces not a great look.

The headpiece that Empress E is wearing is something I made from old elastic and offcuts of ribbons I had. Very simple but fun and very easy to make.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

5th Crochet project

I had a go at crochetting a beanie. I made the pattern up as I just can't read patterns. The wool I used had been given to me by H on our 7th wedding anniversary. Wool is the modern anniversary present.

I crochetted the beanie over a couple of days when my youngest daughter was not well and had her first ever hospital visit. A scary time for all of us. Revolutionary R as she was named when she was born by H, had been given a kiss on the lips by a little girl who we didn't know. Within 2 hours she was sick, then a fever followed, a rash, vomitting and diarrhorrea I spent a very stressful night at the hospital. H had to stay at home to look after Empress E (so hard on both the one that knew what was happening and the one left wondering what was happening). Poor little tike had her first ever x-Ray they were worried about her right lung. I had to hold her down while they did this really awful experience.

Thankfully Revolutionary R was found to have a Viral Infection and nothing more sinister. My gosh it just deepens your love and protective desire towards them.

I have worn the beanie a couple of times, especially when I am having a bad hair day.

Model of Beanie above Empress E

Friday, July 27, 2007

What to do

I started this canvas for Empress E when she was a few months old. I keep on getting it out looking at it and not knowing where to go from here...and now I am caught with the situation of what I do for one I feel compelled to do for the other.

I did alot of manuscript style artwork when I was at university. My grandfather passed away while I was at uni and I used my artwork as a form of commerating his life and dealing with my loss at the time. I love the feeling of layers and depth you get from continually re-working drawings.

I noticed the canvas yet again in the garage recently so I have it out waiting for inspiration...what to do...do I paint over the parts I am not happy with...do I alter it so it is reflective of both the girls and not worry about doing 2 individual canvases.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Confessions of a guilty parent

H and I are both busy with work at present and both needed a late night chocolate fix so, daughter aged 1 had been given an Easter Bunny, we happily devoured it, I felt extremely guilty afterwards.

There is so much guilt associated with being a parent, like not taking your kids to a park on a sunny day. Daughter aged 3 was desperate to go cycling yesterday and the thought of the energy required to monitor two little ones at a park let alone at a park with an external bike track seemed on a weary mother day almost to much, I gave into her request the guilt not to overpowered my own desire. Anyhow, I was not rewarded by daughter aged 3, later in the day when I was trying to make check-up and immunization appointments for her sister, I thought she had gone mighty quiet. We had been working on the deck doing pasting and cutting of the mountain of Preschool artwork that we have everywhere. I had left the safety craft scissors in the middle of the table, all had been good until Playschool showed kids visiting the barbers, innocent stuff until daughter aged 3 decided that she would copy and try and trim the hair around her younger sisters ears...I became screeching horrified mother...rang h with ranting and raving. Scissors have been hidden and many discussions have followed.

As a result Teddy is still cradle-less, poor Ted.

I spoke to the early childhood centre and she said shower attention on the "victim", so you have the guilt of deliberately ignoring the elder one.

Then there is the guilt associated hearing your daughter repeat what you say... and you think do I really sound like that

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Allow me to introduce you to an important family member

This is teddy, he must accompany me to preschool to pickup eldest daughter otherwise known as Empress E. He has his own car seat as he makes our family expand from 2 children to 3 with Empress E competing with me in the house for who is the "real" mummy. Teddy has his own cradle and booster seat at the table kinda sad and kinda cute all in one. So when I talk about Teddy you now know who I am referring to. At present the cradle has been confiscated for discipline reasons, teddy is sleeping on the floor next to Empress Es bed, he has of course a quilt and a pillow. When the cradle is allowed back I will show you an updated photo as Teddys' blanket was my second crochet project.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

2 dolls and a cushion

I made these 2 dolls for my daughters only to have the oldest one say, the one with brown hair is for me as she has the same colour hair and the one with the black hair is for daddy as he has black hair and she has reported to me that I must make another one for her younger sister and make it with brown hair. I fell in love with the cuteness factor when I saw them on www.sewyourown.com.au. My husband thought that the doll should have arms so I created them as an addition. Can't wait to give them to the girls, but first the youngest one has to stop trying to eat the buttons off.

Also photographed is my first ever crochet project. My good friend Rose Red spent a very painful Saturday afternoon trying to teach both me and Miss F. I am now happily addicted to crochetting had a go at knitting over the weekend, attempting to make a teddy for eldest daughters teddy - as he doesn't have any toys she has reported to me. But ended up with finger injuries, obviously not holding the needles correctly. Any advice on how to prevent your finger tips from splitting would be greatly appreciated.

Monday, July 23, 2007

2 different types of excursions

Today was a big day in our house our eldest daughter aged 3 went on her first ever excursion. I spent a sleepless night last night being over anxious. Excited for her but worried will she be wearing a seatbelt, will she be ok. I hurriedly picked her up wanting to hear all about the wildlife park that they visited. The highlight of the little treasures day was watching happy feet on the bus on the way home. I am still struggling to find out information on the day...hopefully I will find out more in the slide show tomorrow.

I also had my first fillings in about 15 years, I was also very nervous about this and had to have three needles to numb the area. I got a real insight into how a stroke victim must feel. The dentist got me to rinse out my mouth and the water was just drippling out of the corner of my mouth. Numbness finally went four hours after the treatment. Found out that I should have one of my wisdom teeth out, not looking forward to that one.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

1st ever post

I am a brand new blogger...very nervous and unsure about what to include in the content... but also excited at the same time.

I had a lovely day today with family and greater family. I have been reminded recently about the importance of family how easy we get caught up in the day to day and don't always stop and think how lucky we are to have each other. One of my friends found out that her husband is not well and she is devastated and wondering how she will manage if it comes down to not having him around. I would be lost without my better half my H, he does so much for me and our little girls and sometimes, you really need to stop and say THANK YOU even if it is for the everyday.

I have included this photo as it makes me smile so much H proposed to me at this gorgeous location, Cathedral Cove, New Zealand... so why not start my new blog with one of the happiest and long awaited moments in my life.

I am thinking at this early stage that my blog will centre around craft projects I am working on and little updates on my 2 little girls...it will probably evolve with outside influences and my own further education in blogworld.