Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Allow me to introduce you to an important family member

This is teddy, he must accompany me to preschool to pickup eldest daughter otherwise known as Empress E. He has his own car seat as he makes our family expand from 2 children to 3 with Empress E competing with me in the house for who is the "real" mummy. Teddy has his own cradle and booster seat at the table kinda sad and kinda cute all in one. So when I talk about Teddy you now know who I am referring to. At present the cradle has been confiscated for discipline reasons, teddy is sleeping on the floor next to Empress Es bed, he has of course a quilt and a pillow. When the cradle is allowed back I will show you an updated photo as Teddys' blanket was my second crochet project.


Rose Red said...

Welcome, Teddy!

Brian said...

welcome. but what does a teddy do wrong, to get his bed confiscated?