Sunday, July 29, 2007

5th Crochet project

I had a go at crochetting a beanie. I made the pattern up as I just can't read patterns. The wool I used had been given to me by H on our 7th wedding anniversary. Wool is the modern anniversary present.

I crochetted the beanie over a couple of days when my youngest daughter was not well and had her first ever hospital visit. A scary time for all of us. Revolutionary R as she was named when she was born by H, had been given a kiss on the lips by a little girl who we didn't know. Within 2 hours she was sick, then a fever followed, a rash, vomitting and diarrhorrea I spent a very stressful night at the hospital. H had to stay at home to look after Empress E (so hard on both the one that knew what was happening and the one left wondering what was happening). Poor little tike had her first ever x-Ray they were worried about her right lung. I had to hold her down while they did this really awful experience.

Thankfully Revolutionary R was found to have a Viral Infection and nothing more sinister. My gosh it just deepens your love and protective desire towards them.

I have worn the beanie a couple of times, especially when I am having a bad hair day.

Model of Beanie above Empress E

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Rose Red said...

Hey S - I think your beanie looks fab! We'll have to convene a second class so you can learn how to read patterns (not that you need to by the look of this - you've done great!)