Monday, July 23, 2007

2 different types of excursions

Today was a big day in our house our eldest daughter aged 3 went on her first ever excursion. I spent a sleepless night last night being over anxious. Excited for her but worried will she be wearing a seatbelt, will she be ok. I hurriedly picked her up wanting to hear all about the wildlife park that they visited. The highlight of the little treasures day was watching happy feet on the bus on the way home. I am still struggling to find out information on the day...hopefully I will find out more in the slide show tomorrow.

I also had my first fillings in about 15 years, I was also very nervous about this and had to have three needles to numb the area. I got a real insight into how a stroke victim must feel. The dentist got me to rinse out my mouth and the water was just drippling out of the corner of my mouth. Numbness finally went four hours after the treatment. Found out that I should have one of my wisdom teeth out, not looking forward to that one.

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Fleat said...

Glad to hear the first excursion was survived :) Getting to watch a movie on the bus!! How things have changed from when we grew up lol

I'm with you on the dentist, I haven't been for ages, I really hate going.