Tuesday, July 24, 2007

2 dolls and a cushion

I made these 2 dolls for my daughters only to have the oldest one say, the one with brown hair is for me as she has the same colour hair and the one with the black hair is for daddy as he has black hair and she has reported to me that I must make another one for her younger sister and make it with brown hair. I fell in love with the cuteness factor when I saw them on www.sewyourown.com.au. My husband thought that the doll should have arms so I created them as an addition. Can't wait to give them to the girls, but first the youngest one has to stop trying to eat the buttons off.

Also photographed is my first ever crochet project. My good friend Rose Red spent a very painful Saturday afternoon trying to teach both me and Miss F. I am now happily addicted to crochetting had a go at knitting over the weekend, attempting to make a teddy for eldest daughters teddy - as he doesn't have any toys she has reported to me. But ended up with finger injuries, obviously not holding the needles correctly. Any advice on how to prevent your finger tips from splitting would be greatly appreciated.

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Rose Red said...

As you know - I love these dolls - they are fab - and your crochet is great too!