Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A few of their favourite things

Every night our house becomes home to two princess ballerinas'. Empress E loves to wear as she calls them her glass slippers (to me they are plastic loud shoes, but that doesn't sound nearly as romantic) We also have to have a skirt that twirls and you can dance in. Apart from the skirt shown in the photo we also have a wardrobe fill of tutus', snow white dresses yes two, in different sizes and both have been known to wear them, we have a flowergirl dress that she wears as a wedding dress for those days that you feel like you must get married.

Her younger sister Revolutionary R has also taken to dress-ups, she seems to be interested in alot of things well before her big sister ever was. We are heavily into tutus' and fairy wings. During the day we can be found wandering round in my shoes while wearing her own or her sisters gumboots are an all time favourite. RR also likes to wear handbags round her neck, caps on backwards, my underwear (both top and bottom parts) as necklaces not a great look.

The headpiece that Empress E is wearing is something I made from old elastic and offcuts of ribbons I had. Very simple but fun and very easy to make.

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Rose Red said...

Heh - glass slippers! That head-dress is a neat idea! Very clever.