Thursday, July 26, 2007

Confessions of a guilty parent

H and I are both busy with work at present and both needed a late night chocolate fix so, daughter aged 1 had been given an Easter Bunny, we happily devoured it, I felt extremely guilty afterwards.

There is so much guilt associated with being a parent, like not taking your kids to a park on a sunny day. Daughter aged 3 was desperate to go cycling yesterday and the thought of the energy required to monitor two little ones at a park let alone at a park with an external bike track seemed on a weary mother day almost to much, I gave into her request the guilt not to overpowered my own desire. Anyhow, I was not rewarded by daughter aged 3, later in the day when I was trying to make check-up and immunization appointments for her sister, I thought she had gone mighty quiet. We had been working on the deck doing pasting and cutting of the mountain of Preschool artwork that we have everywhere. I had left the safety craft scissors in the middle of the table, all had been good until Playschool showed kids visiting the barbers, innocent stuff until daughter aged 3 decided that she would copy and try and trim the hair around her younger sisters ears...I became screeching horrified mother...rang h with ranting and raving. Scissors have been hidden and many discussions have followed.

As a result Teddy is still cradle-less, poor Ted.

I spoke to the early childhood centre and she said shower attention on the "victim", so you have the guilt of deliberately ignoring the elder one.

Then there is the guilt associated hearing your daughter repeat what you say... and you think do I really sound like that

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