Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Facts on Figures

Since I had my second child I have now lost 10 kilos. Exciting stuff gone beyond my goal weight loss, I think it is a result of continually feeding people so you never get to sit down and eat yourself. I can't remember when I last weighed what I weigh now, maybe when I was 18. Mum had a pair of 501s from then and I can comfortably fit them. No lying on the bed and trying to struggle into my jeans. Weighed both daughters and youngest weighs a nice weight of 13.5 kilos, oldest weighs 17 kilos and as of yesterday morning I was an exciting weight of 58.5. I have been trying to break below the 60 kilo mark and it finally happened. Have kids, have stress and there you go.

Anyhow just bought myself a treat mini cheesecake why because I deserve it. No photos as both kids were demanding a bit of it so I had to eat it in extreme haste. Went to the local butchers and to get supplies for a neighbourhood visit tomorrow, extreme stress caused by eldest daughter who has just been injected with a dose of won't listen to mummy at all while out in public or at home. Terrible twos (they weren't bad) Trying threes' (more manageable). I say fiesty fours thats where we are heading bring them on. I am fit and ready and will take no fiery four year old behaviour!

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Sophia said...

Hey good on you for losing those kilos... you looked nice last time we met. I unfortunately gained a couple of kilos in the last few weeks ... going back to work and sitting in front of the pc whole day didn't help....