Tuesday, September 18, 2007

SHOESday thanks to Rose Red

Rose Red made it officially SHOESday today last week so I thought I better oblige. Here is a pic of my wedding shoes worn only once almost eight years ago now. Hoping one day in the next twenty odd years that one of the girls will wear them at their wedding. By then they will be retro vintage. I used to be called SHOE as I prior to having a family bought shoes every month. I am called SNOOZEN as I fall asleep in the cinema or at friends place my staying power is not great, having said that I am having great difficulty sleeping from 4-7am due to repeatedly being woken during this time. I loved my wedding shoes they were very traditional but hey in so many ways that is me. Traditional with an arty edge.

My eldest daughter loves these shoes. The condition of them is going downhill very quickly as they get worn with every possible outfit. She played with her friends down the road yesterday afternoon after Preschool and had to change out of her sensible play boots, to princess ballerinas as they are named. It didn't matter that she had paint all over her leggings, dress, jacket as long as her shoes sparkled. E also wore these shoes to Bettys wake a couple of weeks ago.

This dress was given to E by her grandma and she loves it and looks really lovely in it. I am going to attempt to make a half crochetted half sewn dress for young E or young R. This is just a teaser as to what is happening in my crochet world. Update on the granny square about 60cm across, but not sure what I am going to do with it. Thought I would make a blanket/bedspread but h said aren't they mean't to be rectangular not square so not sure. I think it will be an undo job and start again.


Rose Red said...

Thanks for joining in the SHOESday fun!

Um, re your granny square, I think there's a reason why they are called granny SQUARE isn't there...

But don't unpull - if you want to make it rectangular, you just do two (or more) smaller ones and sew along one side of the square!

Bells said...

pretty wedding shoes Snoozen! Just lovely.

and your daughter's shoes are very pretty too. I bet she looks gorgeous in them.