Monday, September 24, 2007


Yesterday certainly lived upto its name of FUNday. It was our first ever fete where we had a connection to the school. The school community involvement was amazing. The sausages sizzled, the kids smiled and laughter could be heard.

It will be interesting to see how much was money was raised. The Preschool is community based, they rely heavily on fundraising, so fingers crossed they achieved their financial goal.

H had to accompany E on a teacup ride, enough to make your tummy turn, going round and round. The things you do for daughterly love. It was great to be able to show Hs family where E goes to school and it was special to be there as a bigger extended family having fun together.

In the afternoon we did some gardening with a little bit of help from E, while R slept. Much to my horror E took to our beautiful Arran Lilies with a pair of scissors, fortunately I noticed before she got to the flowers. She had started to de-leaf it.

Tomorrow is a big day, not only is it SHOEday but it is also a day where YELLOW is the colour of choice. For Es last day before she starts her school holidays they are having a themed day of YELLOW. We have yellow undies, ribbon, hat, t-shirt, pinnie dress, drink bottle and morning tea bag, she also had to take in a yellow toy. Parents/Guardians had a competition where we had to name any songs we knew with the word yellow in them. We got 4, we were not allowed to use the internet. Can you guess what we got?

Must go early to bed again, have either a) sinus issues (hayfever) b) cold (after a week of only 4 hours sleep nightly) c) a desire to be tucked into bed and looked after instead of always being the looker afterer.

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Rose Red said...

I'd totally go on the tea cup ride - probably the closest to disneyland I'll ever get.

Um, yellow songs:
Yellow Submarine
Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree
Mellow Yellow (is that the name of the song?)

That's it for me!!