Monday, August 13, 2007

A world full of welts!

What did I say about the best made plans. Our friends eldest son was ill so we didn't get to catch up last night unfortunately. As our afternoon altered and I didn't need to do the manic tidy house, prepare food tasks, Empress E and I decided to spring
clean the cubby house. H had work to do so I wanted to get EE out of his hair. It was all well and good until, H commented that EE had got badly burnt on Friday as her back was red and it seemed to reflect the shape of her ballet leotard. I said no, I don't think so, as I would have noticed it when bathing and helping her get dressed.

Dinner was a very painful experience with scratching and the realisation that the rash was spreading. EE did not have a fever, runny nose or any other indicators that we should really be worried. I spent the night trying to find out any more information on rashes and trying to work out how to treat it. We have used Zam Buk, Calamine Lotion, Tea Tree Oil. I had given EE copious amounts of milk and yoghurt which usually helps when she digests something with an allergen.

I decided at 11pm I would go to bed as it was probably going to be a long night.
EE had gone to bed and we kept on going in with torches to check on the rash status. She woke just as I had put my pjs on screaming. I decided that all we could do was take her to hospital. I think I might need a frequent visitors card for quick entry.

Much to my delight the waiting room was empty, hooray this was going to be a quick visit. I shouldn't have thought that. The visit only lasted till 3am, but in my mind it was going to be a quick in and out, I was thinking 1 hour tops when I arrived, just stop her from ripping her skin off. The nurse was so impressed with EEs behaviour that when we went to leave she said I have a special teddy to give you. Here she is a lovely hand knitted Red Cross donated bear shown below with RedTed. The doctor looked at me before she saw us and said don't I know you, I said yes I was here a month ago with Revolutionary R, same ward and same bed. She said any other family members I will be meeting, I said I hope not.

EE was given antihistamines (ours had expired and there are no late night chemists around here) and I was told it was an allergic reaction to something.
Was it this plant (shown above)that we are continually trying to rid from our garden? Any ideas on what this plant is called? Was it the diluted dish washing detergent we used on the cubby house windows? Was it the fact that maybe I need to dust more (I have given away the fact that that is not a regular task) should be as EE is allergic to dust mites (what a slack mother she has).

So today as H and I went to bed finally at 3.30 this morning I dreamt of sleeping in. It was not going to happen RR woke us at a lovely time of 8.15 and EE who I thought would sleep the morning away decided that, that was also a good time to rise. I woke felt like I had a hot summers day, dehydrated feeling hangover. EE has proclaimed all day that she is not tired, RR has slept for 1 hour and I am pretending at present that I can't hear her playing in her bed in the vane hope that she will go back to sleep. Both of them decided to empty the bottom of my wardrobe and wear the loudest clomping shoes they could find. Nothing like the sound of heels on floorboards, especially when they are to big and they want them to act as tap shoes!

H went off to work at 9am, I am trying to treat him by cooking a yummy roast dinner. Sound like a 1950s housewife, that reminds me must get out of my house clothes before his return and pretty myself up (yeah right).

Want to do some craft stuff really really need to do it for my own sanity. Here is Red Ted that I was making for Teddy. I still have to fine tune her, not 100% happy so will post updated images someday (not saying soon as I can't promise that at present).


Rose Red said...

Frequent visitors card - that's a good idea! But hope you won't be needing it again soon!

Soph said...

Oh poor thing... that's not much sleep for two days. It's not a good thing when doctors recognise you in hospital.... hope you have a good night tonight!!