Wednesday, August 15, 2007

If only fairy godmothers existed!

Have a lot of play dates this week, which is great, the only problem is I have an overwhelming sense of to much to do and not enough time. I have a strong need to be out and about with people or I am going to go slowly insane as is EE!. Thought what am I going to do then I thought stop thinking about it just start. As I was going through the I haven't dusted as much as I should scenarios for EEs skin reaction I spent yesterday afternoon prior to picking her up totally cleansing her room. My lack of desire to clean this week is also based on the fact that I was on paintbrush and playdohl duty at Preschool this week. This activity is so unglamorous you arrive and are given buckets of used brushes, sponges, paint pots to clean.

If only these two fairy godmothers were real and not the creators of mess. EE played fairies with her young friend J this morning. If they were any closer to the tv they would have been in it!

Today we are due to get together with our friends that ended in the girls having lunchtime baths. I am going to be really prepared this week. Either ready with clean clothes or mentally ready for dirty girls.

I have on my craft front and in my wip: one almost complete summer cardi for EE, 3 partly finished dolls, 1 needed to be resewn up cushion, 2 handmade Birthday card and 1 Fathers Day Card so stay tuned for more finished projects.

I was also going to attempt to read a book, I take the girls to the library every two weeks at present and usually borrow about 15 items for them, I borrowed 2 for myself this time. 1 being a book. I don't think my friends or H actually associate me with reading but I used to be a bookworm when I was younger. I would pick up a book and if it was the weekend I would not be able to put it down till it was finished. Progress report on the book is 5 pages, will keep you updated as I might just finish it within the allotted borrowing time.

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Sophia said...

Two lovely fairies! Do show us more of your crafts later!