Sunday, August 19, 2007

Australia in full Glory

In the weekend we visited a nearby National Park. It is the season for wildflowers and they didn't disappoint. The wattle trees were spectacular in full bloom. The park has a very large landing complete with BBQs, kids playground, footie area and Ned Kelly. We were meeting some good friends to help celebrate a friends birthday...the usual yummy food of nibbles, chicken, salads, cake and good company. We not only had the company of good friends but uninvited friends in the form of a very cheeky Kookaburra.

I had been warned by other friends about the cheekiness of the Kookaburras and how they stole food wherever possible. As a result of this warning I suggested to Miss F that we sit in a covered area, it didn't stop the little rascals. Before I knew it my legs were wet and I had let out a scream, I had felt the flutter of wings and saw something fly past so quickly that it was a blur. The cheeky Kookie had flown past knocked my drink onto my lap stole a piece of chicken and kept flying.

We were also very lucky to have a very wanted uninvited guest, a Wallaby complete with a little Joey. Empress Es second exposure, but Revolutionary Rs first and how exciting for all of us. It made me think wow Australia is so amazing and has so much to offer even at your doorstep.

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