Saturday, August 11, 2007

Family first

We wondered today winter what winter! It was an absolutely beautiful day, reaching 25 plus. We had a fun day of family and friends, the kids were exhausted as were we, but I am sure the dreams that they have tonight will be very happy. We started the day with the kids grandma, taking her to a produce market, it was very relaxed and fun. Another great opportunity for bonding. We met some friends also at the fair but as it was really crowded we didn't really get the opportunity to chat. The fair was busy as it was also celebrating 5 years and so ABC radio was there and another reason for us to go, my favourite radio announcer was there! How things have changed and how at ease I am to declare that I really enjoy talkback radio.

The kids were lucky enough to spend a couple of hours without parents with there Grandparents and Aunts. Their poor Opa went from pony rides, to pretending he was a puppy, to clearing up mess, he never tires of entertaining them and you can see how much they value his hands on approach by the sheer desire of each to be with him or be doing things with him. Revolutionary R has always been clingier then Empress E but is totally at ease in his company, which makes my heart sing.

H and I went out for lunch with friends that we had tried to catchup with earlier in the day. It was very relaxing to sit outside and enjoy good company and catchup without needing to feed little people at the same time. I realised I can survive without my "handbag" the kids. We ended up staying for the afternoon and dinner at H parents place, it was too much fun so the Revolutionary R decided afternoon sleep was not necessary we are suffering at present. She has been crying for the past hour. Fingers crossed tonight will be better then last night. RR decided to keep her weary mum up from 2.30-4.30am. I should be in bed but my desire to feel normal and just sit on the couch overpowered what I should really be doing!

A special thanks to my sister-in law who lent me a crochet book, with a teach yourself section on different stitches which I am going to attempt not saying when but hoping to someday soon! What do they say about the best laid plans, well with kids you should always plan ahead, but sometimes they don't allow your planning ahead to always happen. We are mean't to be catching up with some more friends tomorrow night and have been trying to do so since March, but kid illnesses keep on conflicting, the joys of Preschool I have been told.

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