Monday, October 15, 2007

Embarassing moments your kids create

Today I picked young E up from her first day of term 4 Preschool. All was good we got into a lift and she excitedly told the lady who was travelling with us that we had pink finger buns kept saying it over and over and over until... she got a response. She finally said thats nice. E as she had made contact thought WOW I can ask her questions now like: Are you having a baby! PROBLEM: Woman was mid 60s, was not impressed. Walked to the carpark only to find she was parked right next to me. Emabarassing. Didn't know what to do, didn't want to make a fuss so just didn't say anything.

H reckons his moment was more embarassing as if I want to have a competition about it. But anyhow E was fruit and vegie shopping with him and this lady was talking to her. She had walked away a couple of steps and E shouted out is that a man or a lady.

I have included an introduction to my crochetted tutu it has progressed to 85% (very excited). E wants it as a full tutu. I am hoping to finish prior to Christmas if the kids allow me to work on it at present they find it fun to take my wool and run off (problem being it is still attached to the tutu.


Rose Red said...

Ah kids, you've gotta love them!

Nice work on the tutu!!

Sophia said...

Embarassing but very funny!! Kids say what they see:)
Tutu looks very nice so far!