Monday, October 22, 2007

Sure Slim diet plan not for the faint hearted

Take a 3 year old and get her to start having gastro on you and her bed from 2am - enough to put you off your tucker for at least say 24 hours. 5 loads of washing later I decided to treat myself by updating my blog. EE said to me this morning as we were getting her ready for the doctors, thanks for looking after me during the night, how beautifully sweet is that even though she had just been sick for the fifth time she thanked me for looking after her, the rewards of motherhood! Special thanks to H for doing the doctors visit and initial cleaning.

We had a lovely weekend with my favourite Fs : family, friends and fetes. I managed to purchase some more retro books. I am sure I was born in the wrong era. Not sure who is going to get the most enjoyment the kids or me.

The books are titled: Sally, Lucy, Tracey and Katie and each doll comes complete with a front and a back, almost a shame to cut them up maybe I will use them as a template to make our own and keep them pristine.

Update on the tutu 90% finished would have been finished if I hadn't decided to make it longer but thought with all the effort I had gone to I should maximise the ability for EE to wear it for longer, I guess one of the problems with creating your own pattern!


Rose Red said...

Does EE now stand for Eeeeewwwww! Nice book haul though!

Alabaster said...

Well, this is take two:

No, thank YOU for looking after EE for the next four vomits! It's amazing how we will do such things without a moment's hesitation when the kidlings are sick, regardless of how much they make us want to tear our hair out when they're well.

Luv u!