Thursday, May 29, 2008

A need to tame a TODDLER so I can dream

I love my daughters but I also love sleep...

This week our youngest daughter has turned the idea of dreaming into an ongoing nightmare. Monday night she was up till 1am constantly getting out of her cot. The problem with her having really long legs she is a born escapee. The getting out of the cot would not have been an issue if she did not hurt her chin on one episode OR if she did not decide to undress and leave only a singlet on, having removed her nappy. What was cute and funny the first time was no longer cute and funny the 28th time. She would come down to H and I with different clothes in her hand ready to start a new day. HELLO the old day has not ended yet.

Sleep count for Monday night 5 hours

Tuesday night I took one side of her cot away and converted it into a little bed - how could things get worse - a repeat of Monday night but only stayed up till 12.30pm.

Sleep count for Tuesday night 5 hours 30 mins

Wednesday night we were without power till after 8pm - so eldest daughter and myself kept R company she fell asleep but woke continually from 11ish, at 1.30am I gave up and slept on her floor.

Sleep count less then 5 hours and back pain extreme.

I sound woe is me, I have tried going to bed earlier but what happens when you constantly have a little visitor you do not get to sleep.

My twin sister reminded me yesterday about Dr Greens Toddler Taming. I have been reading his advise and will be following his methods for:
Repeated middle-of-the-night wakening
When they won't go to bed at night
The child who comes to his parents' bed each night
The procrastinator
The early riser
The night prowler
The cot escapee

so many areas to cover for a 27 month year old.

Anyhow if anyone wants to be my sponsor and lend an ear of support it would be greatly appreciated.

Not the end of the world stuff and she is still a delight during the daylight hours BUT I want to have at least one day before I am 40 when I am not in a total state of zombie-ness (probably no such word but it sounds good).


Sophia said...

oh poor thing... lack of sleep would drive anyone crazy...
Our GP friend recommended Dr Green's book "toddler taming". I was just thinking of getting a copy or see if the local library has it... Lara was sick for a couple of days so I had to stay home with her... I suspect she started her terriable-two 6 months early!! I totaly sympathise!!

Rose Red said...

Oh dear. Hope the book helps.