Monday, May 5, 2008

Life can be like a kite you are either on a high or a low depending on the elements

We had loads of fun with a very windy last Monday. My good friend Cathy was in control of kite education. Unfortunately the kite rods snapped in the high winds before everyone got to have a go... maybe this was symbolic of the week that was.

I will get all the tales of woes out early and follow up with pictures that make me feel good.

Wednesday tiling was mean't to start in the kitchen the suppliers mucked up so fingers crossed for tomorrow so I spent all of Wednesday waiting and waiting some more for the tiles - one of those what did I really do with the days sort of days. Anyhow Thursday came and daughter no.2 was inconsolable for 3 hours then decided to be sick all over our bedroom floor. Wouldn't let me put her down for the whole day so I ended up catching the train to pick daughter 1 up from Pre-school as it was easier then having someone screaming at me from the backseat of the car. My parents had dropped in on there way North to see the progress on the kitchen. They had bad news and when I say bad news I mean shocking, I still can't believe it kind of news.

My old BIG manager at work died of cancer last year and last Sunday night his son died in a fire in their family house. The wife has now lost her husband, son, pets and house and any photos or momentos of them. My heart just goes out to his wife, he and she were so inspirational and he always looked on life as being a journey.

Friday bought daughter no.2 continuing with her feelings of being unwell. I can't quite remember when I last had 8 hours sleep. We had a very fun and busy weekend planned but with kids plans can change with a wink of an eye. So on Saturday with R still burning up 40+ temp we went to the local doctor, the words viral infection etc... they weren't concerned that she hadn't eaten since Wednesday night and as of Monday lunchtime has only eaten a couple of pieces of watermelon. She is pale, and just wants to cuddle mummy which is lovely but exhausting as she is or was over 15 kilos. On Saturday afternoon our amazing neighbour responded to my message of what do I do, by coming over for a visit - she is a doctor at accident and emergency at our local hospital. She took one look at our listless little angel and said she needs to go to hospital for blood and urine tests. We arranged for Opa to come over and look after eldest daughter while we went to the hospital. Our amazing neighbour stayed with our eldest daughter until Opa arrived (how lucky are we to have such neighbours).

Anyhow the hospital was excellent as usual. R looked brighter of course by the time we arrived. We needed to get a urine sample very hard to do on a little one. Missed the only opportunity so they said we could try at home. So for my Saturday night I spent cuddling a beautiful little one trying and willing for her to urinate into a cup held strategically under her. So 2 hours later there was cause for celebration yippppppeeeeeeeeee.

Sunday we were mean't to go to Avoca to visit our wonderful Irish friends and their long wanted little girl. Decided to do a drop and run of baby stuff. Halfway up on the motorway we had to quickly make an emergency exit. R was not coping well and so new clothes later and mum sitting in the middle to nurse the little one we continued. Saw the little cutie from a distancce and drove back. Nice day for a Sunday drive...look forward to a cuddle next time.

Today was the first Preschool Park play, after spending the night again with R I thought it best she stayed at home with me. Another neighbour whose son is in Es class took E along for me, I will say it again our neighbours rock.

Cause for celebration R has had the cheese off the top of a quarter of a cheese melt.... Fingers crossed.

On the secret project (jersey for H) have started to join it all together but I am having trouble understanding the pattern.
Anyone feeling patient enough to help without getting impatient with an eager to learn student please raise your hand and I will send you the details to decipher. Anyone please.

Warning these photos do not contain woe just smiles from ANZAC day.

Early morning delight

First ever cookies in the oven

Passed the first taste test

Happy little soldiers at work including Opa doing an amazing job of rendering the wall ready for the tiles


Rose Red said...

Oooh, don't tell the RSL you called them cookies, they'll have your guts for garters (so to speak!). They look delicious and the peek of kitchen looks fabulous.

Sorry to hear the bad news about your old boss and his son, that is just awful.

You can email me the directions if you like, I think I gave you the only copy of the pattern that I have.

Bells said...

Such a mix of nice stuff and sad news in one post. I'm sorry about such awful news. Just horrible. But the girls look delightful as always!

Sophia said...

gosh poor thing R's not well.... ans I was complaining about Lara's little nappy rash and cold !! I hope she's getting better. You are doing a great job. Those lovely girls are very lucky to have a Mum like you :)

Happy Mother's Day!!

Fleat said...

Hiya, hope R is better now, we were sorry to hear when she wasn't well.

I say, those anzac biccys look wonderful, bet they went quickly.

Looking forward to catching up soon.