Monday, May 19, 2008

Leaves here Leaves there Leaves everywhere

Had a truly fun family weekend. Took the girls out to Japanese on Friday night and they behaved beautifully such a lovely way to start the weekend. It mean't so much H being home by 6.30 for this family outing. Saturday all in good form from a nice start to the weekend we went on a road trip to the Blue Mountains. The fresh cold air was invigorating and made me feel alive. Had yummy homemade (well from a little organic bakery that we found) lentil, feta and pumpkin pie - delicious (some older gentlemen at the table next to us commented on how well behaved the kids were - made my chest swell ever so slightly). The kids found this great pile of leaves in Leura and it was so easy to feel the need to roll, cover and play. We drove back through the very scenic Bells Line of Road and Richmond, Windsor - lovely lovely day. Especially as we stopped at the farm shops on the way home and got the freshest of vegetables. I am cooking a roast tonight with the yummys we bought.

I am also in celebration mode over Hs secret project which is oh no secret anymore. Have a really sore index finger which I think is an indication that I am not a born knitter. Hopefully I will have a finished project to show one day soon.

Yesterday we put together a trampoline and all had a turn. I am really kinda scared of it. It is an old style uncaged one. The kids love it, and E wanted to show her buddies (toys) before breakfast this morning. Hopefully I will be jumping for joy over its assembly instead of trembling with terror!


Rose Red said...

Look at all those leaves - fun!!

I loved the trampoline when I was a kid - no cage and I never fell off! So sure they'll be ok.

Fleat said...

Nice piccys, sounds like a fun weekend.

Can't beat fresh veges from the growers, once you have them, hard to go back to store bought ones!

Sophia said...

oh they are lovely pictures, I bet the kidlings enjoyed it!