Monday, July 21, 2008

Blog-anniversary -1 year old today

I have been wanting to post for a while but due to illness and school holidays and as a result fatigue, I just have not had the energy to do so.

Part 2 of my birthday seems a bit funny to talk about and seems such a long time ago, weird things have been happening since then - this year is not a good one for our family. Some years are good and some just leave you wondering what on earth have I done wrong in a previous life! Anyhow I have wanted to mention the joy that a few friends have provided over the past few weeks.

Last night my best friend from high school joined us for dinner, it was lovely. She arrived with a beautiful gift of the plant photographed, it has gorgeous aromatic flowrs. It was a lovely way to finish a weekend. I loved preparing dinner for her and our family. It gave me something to look forward to on another weekend where Hs work has taken over our lives. What I really enjoyed most of all was watching the enjoyment that my girls got listening to her reading to them in bed. Time is the best gift of all to kids.

On Friday I had a lovely surprise visit from Soph. How nice it is for a surprise visit, the kids were so taken that there almost needed to be 2 Sos' they wanted both to sit next to her. Soph did not see me in my best light I was struggling up the hill as both girls wanted to sit in the stroller at the same time. She kindly delivered E home with her. It is the small things in life like a friend extending a hand especially when you are not used to hands being extended.

I also want to make special mention to 2 friends who I have been lucky enough to inherit as a result of Hs work. B&A always make you feel special at birthday times and this year was no different. The focus was on providing a yummy meal containing some of my favourite foods. Also some beauty products and a puzzle for me. They remembered that I love logic puzzles. I did spend one visit at their place with the main focus being to solve what was classified as a mind bender. I was excited, I was thrilled my brain had not vanished with the kids it was still present.

Lastly Sadie and Lance a big thumbs up to the slice that you included on your blog. I visited my neighbour on Thursday and it went down a treat for both big and small people.

So when I reflect on my first year of blogging I have wondered on many occasions and more so recently whether to continue. Time will tell... still unsure. But my hope is that for the next year that life treats us all well, with joyful news enough is enough I say!


Bells said...

Happy blogoversary, or blogthday as RoseRed would say!

The impetus to keep blogging comes and goes for lots of us, I'm sure.

Sophia said...

Thanks for the ice cream treat and slice(they are not on the table for very long at all)! And the cup of tea that helps me get on with my running-around that day!

Loved to be with the girls. They made me felt so welcome and popular and it made my day!

sorry that you missed your park visit and chips...

ps I'm home today Lara has a cold again :(

Rose Red said...

Happy Blogthday!

Sorry to hear you've been having a bit of a crappy time, hope the good things are tiding you over.

As Bells said, the need to blog comes and goes. The good thing is that it's yours, so you can blog, or not, as you wish - there's no need to do it every week or even every month, just when you feel like it!

SadieandLance said...

Yay, happy bloggiversary!

And welcome to the chocci slice making club - that recipe is a killer! To be repeated forever ad ever!

Fleat said...

Sorry it's taken me so long to comment. Happy Blog birthday! :)

Glad you enjoyed your birthday feast and puzzle, we loved having you guys over, and yes I do believe birthdays are special and feel a desire to show the birthday person they are loved.