Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Going going totally gone!

My blogs are taking on what is consuming our family but in a totally great and exciting way!

Bye bye old unfaithful, I would have respected you if only you kept your door shut!

Another little treasure found in front of a brickwall - why imitate brickwork with brickwork?

Little Miss R was excited to see the kitchen arrive and be able to watch it from her change table.

Our new kitchen/dining area - the kids love it and even though it could be challenging we are actually having quieter meals, I think we are going to continue with the no tv policy during meals.

R fell asleep peacefully on the couch in the afternoon, so exhausting for a 2 year old. I did a lot of knitting during the day almost finished sleeve no.2.

Talking about knitting daughter aged 4 is desperate to be taught how to knit, any tips on how best to teach her would be appreciated.


Rose Red said...

Exciting! How good it is to have a new kitchen!

Re knitting for kids - there are a few books which are good, and you can buy kid sized needles (I think Tapestry Craft has some). There's also a rhyme which mimics the way you do a knit stitch, can't remember how it goes, but it ends with "off jumps Jack" (ie slip the made stitch off the left needle!), if you google it you'll no doubt find it!

Anonymous said...

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Fleat said...

Hope the new kitchen is going well. Nice pics of the girls.

Sophia said...

looks like H's jumper will be finished just in time for winter good on you.
Can't wait to see the new kitchen!