Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tried to blog last night but the internet was not behaving

Back from holidays. It was great to spend loads of time with H and the kids. We had a lovely adventurous time in Noosa. Times wondering are we doing well as parents when the kids were not behaving and other times being filled with joy when they each showed development on their own levels.

On a personal note the journey did not start off well for me, I had packed for four people. I settled down to continue my special project for H when we got on the motorway, what did I discover I had only packed one ball of wool. I was distraught, there were believe it or not childlike girl tears and an exclamation of I can't believe I have to pack for everyone. So I put my knitting away till day two of our journey home, I didn't want to dwell on my misery during the holiday. I must confess there were moments when I glimpsed the knitting bag and felt sad. The sadness stemmed from the fact of wanting to PRESENT it to my dear sweet loving H.

H has been my rock this week. He is under pressure at work but still takes time out to think of me. I had my wisdom tooth out on Tuesday. It is hard to have any medical procedure with kids let alone little ones. I was able to sleep the afternoon away, something I have not done in 4 years. H took the night shift on Tuesday night and had to get up 3 times for R then drop E at Preschool and contend with a very full day at work - you ROCK! Last night it was my turn daughter number 2 R was up for most of the night. Today I was tired in pain and fragile. Coupled with the fact my inability to eat properly and an encounter with a rude schoolboy on a train I am exhausted. Anyhow over the next few days I plan to relate happy joyous tales from our holiday north filled with food and fun. I also plan to post more on H's birthday celebrations in which RoseRed has already referenced a lovely pair of socks made for my H.

I have attached a snapshot of photos that make me feel good, which is much needed tonight.

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Sophia said...

It looked like a fun holiday! Nice picture of the two girls hugging each other.
Are you taking more wisdom teech out? Hope you feel better soon. I had 4 wisdom teeth out under general about 10 years ago. I think I lost nearly 5 kilos and couldn't eat for a long time.