Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fun at 40

H has been celebrating for quite some time now and his birthday happens tomorrow!

The theme this year was/is homemade gifts or time from friends and family (which we all seem to run short of). The girls and I have contributed so far by washing his car twice, cleaning his wardrobe including all his shoes, ironing all his shirts, letting him have 2 hours additional sleep every morning, driving home from my sisters at Newport (I absolutely hate driving so to do that and in the dark is big for me).

Additional gifts will be displayed over the next few days... there is the continuing big project of the jersey. Sleeve one now measures 16 inches, only have 3 more to go before I join it with the body. But I still have to start sleeve number 2. Totally confused about the pattern for body and sleeve at this stage so RR will get you to help me on Saturday pretty please :-)

Anyhow getting back to the event that went with these pics.

Last Saturday we got together for a birthday brunch BBQ with 2 families who we know via Hs work. The sun was shining all looked good in the world. I had purchased the food for everyone and excitement was high with our munchkins. YOU can feel the but in the air, we arrived at the location to find a notice saying all BBQs had been removed until further notice, so quick thinking and we managed to relocate everyone to another park not as scenic but still followed the need to entertain and restrain small children all in one.

There was yummy barbie food and rhubarb and apple cake, which both big and little kids enjoyed. The best part of the gathering was all kids played nicely and no negotiation skills were required, BIG smiles for that.

Both families obliged with great handmade gifts.

AB as I fondly call them, themed their handmade food gift as ABC foods. It included homemade pasta, chocolates, biscuits and card. All beautifully presented in a wicker basket. B also took H out for lunch this week, a lovely surprise which made his somewhat hectic week (has seen R for less then 1 hour since Sunday, which is very sad - bring on his hols which start tonight!). We have been enjoying our nightly yummy biscuits and glass of milk, slowly getting ready for middle age!

The paras as I will call our second family (well he is a paramedic) also made biscuits, also very yummy and we have been having one AB and one Parra a night. There were and I say were (still going but started with 40 biscuits) and a bottle of red - which has been cellared. The card was for a 10 year old as of tomorrow H will have only had 10 birthdays! May we all never loss sight of the child at heart!

We finished our lovely lovely day with a visit to the harbour to see the Queen Victoria. A wander round Luna Park and loads of wedding girls as the girls shout out when they glimpse a bride. Well R is always the king and E is always the bride so we have had a lot of weddings in our family so far! All in all a lovely day fingers crossed tomorrow will continue the happy happy joy joy theme. Will post about Sunday later... that is another story!

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