Wednesday, February 20, 2008


My H turns 40 on the 29th February and to mark the occasion and the fact that he actually has a birthday this year we have a few celebrations happening. Last night we went to Tetsuyas in town for a 12 course degustation menu. We had a lovely evening with my twin sister and her h. Excellent service, table, food, company and night. I arranged for my parents to babysit as part of Hs birthday present. The kids went out of there way to show of and do any possible circus trick to get their grandparents attention!

We arrived at the restaurant at 6.45, and left after midnight (got to bed after 1am on a school night R had me up from 3-4 and then E was up for the day at 6) it took us along time to eat the following:

Cold Corn Soup with Saffron & Vanilla Ice Cream
Smoked Ocean Trout & Avruga Caviar
Leek & Crab Custard
Sashimi of Big Eye Tuna with Wasabi & Eschallot
Confit of Petuna Tasmanian Ocean Trout with Konbu, Daikon & Fennel Seasonal Green Salad
Ravioli of Queensland Spanner Crab with Tomato & Basil Vinaigrete
Fillet of Barramundi with Braised Baby Fennel
Twice Cooked De-Boned Spatchcock with Olive & Caper Jus
Grilled Wagyu Beef with Lime & Wasabi
Comte with Lentils
Marinated Peach with Vodka & Peach Sorbet Summer Pudding
Banana Mousse & Caramel Ice Cream
Chocolate Terrine with Mascarpone & Cognac Anglaise
Coffee or Tea & Petit Four

We mentioned that it was Hs birthday and they bought out a surprise cake which was lovely. The smile says it all!

I purchased some new/old shoes in the morning, really comfortable and made me feel tall and lean, gave me a couple of inches which I usually don't have! The shoes were the least expensive item of the night at $3 from my local charity shop, leather uppers etc and such lovely lines and a simplified bow at the front. I also used a grown up bag for the evening - how exciting and one of my old-time favourites.


Bells said...

Tetsuya's is really teh most wonderful place. Our night there a couple of years ago stands out as a truly spectacular event! I was quite tipsy by the end of the evening and a little over zealous in my adoration when I met the man himself!

So glad you had a great night! A great way to turn 40!

Rose Red said...

Fabulous meal (the desserts sound especially divine!) and great shoes! What more you do you want (except maybe a sleep-in!)

Sophia said...

That sounds like a great meal/time you had. Tetsuya's one of the places we plan to go at some stage too. Heard a lot of good things about it.

An excellent birthday present! And a good start to the next 40 years!